Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Haiku Monday Winner...

Hi folks and welcome to Haiku Monday
 "Winners Circle"
 at The Palais...

Another fine week of fabulous entries. You people sure don't make a guys job easy when it comes to judging!!!

Being the novice that I am I think everyone's entries have excelled in capturing a glimpse of this weeks theme "Memory" in a gloriously fleeting moment.

The entrants and their offerings are posted here below for your reading convenience.
And for those that do have blogs and have "visuals up"
just Clickerate on the Name and pop over for a visit....


Stumble-stepped old dog
Tilts nose to summer breeze. Sniffs:
Tales of glory days. 

A lovely visual prompt... and having had an old stumble-stepping dawg myself (Sir Fred) , this immediately bought a smile to my face in  remembering him... Thanks Moi


Das deutsche Oberleutenat's Frauline:

Heidi's bright blue vow
quickly faded. Soon, she wrote
a "Dear Hans" letter.

Trolls ability to evoke imagery is wonderful with a wry sense of humour, playing on Madama Streep in one of her early roles... Coupled with a sensational picture of forget- me - not's in bloom... giving a real sense of pathos to this Love story... which like unlike the enduring sentiment of the flowers... is about to be cruelly killed off via nothing more than a note.... Poor Hans!


The Mighty K9; Nanny Killa:

Misty watercolours?
Shut the hell up Barbara;
“Big” did it better

This one made me laugh out aloud! That Killa K9 speaks to my sense of humour. I had visions of Bab's neighbour hanging over the fence and screaming this at her... mid warble and slurr! 


Czar: 1

What happened might have…
What didn’t may as well have
Memory trumps truth.

The last line of Czar 1 I can really appreciate. Everyone interprets the truth  through the filter of memory differently. Two people can witness the same event and both will have different recollections of what happened. Cards on the table Czar!

Czar: 2

Young Eddie Myrphy,
Little rascally. Buh-weet
Says “Amemba me?”

This second entry of Czars almost had me Stymied. Then I "amemba'd" Mr Murphys stand up routine about the characters names in the movie. 
Clever clever word choices. 


Fuscia-hued corsage
Supple, fragrant bloom pressed flat.
Hope for love preserved.

Fleur has again matched  the emotion of her writing with the visual of  a single pressed flower in the pages of an old book. It evoked memories of pressing flowers with my grandmother as a child.


“Summer love resigns!
A slight trace of man’s scent.

Deep Blue is a new comer to writing Haiku. His first efforts impress.
Please visit His post for a full immersion in the atmosphere of Haiku...

Just Go... See what I mean and you will thank me later!

Deep Blue's native tongue is French, he has provided Haiku written in both French and   English... No mean feat for a first timer!
(I have enough trouble with English)

Deep Blue: 2

Octobre transi,
L’or des grands saules semble…
Sa chevelure!

Thank you Deep Blue for your fantastic entries and I hope that you are encouraged to continue in participating... For a full explanation of the French haiku go over to Deep Blues blog... and read my friends...


Seeing Mama’s memory
in Evening Primrose

Again Chickory manages to match the words with her spectacular photography and a most beautiful dedication which inspired the writing...
If you haven't been already... pop over to Chickory's for a read for yourself...


One blonde, one brunette.
Playing jacks on a hot stoop.
Flipping tens to win

 Fishy this week presents us with a delectable menu of written and visual treats...

I see Competing rivals with lightening hands...

Fishy: 2

Peace be With You:

Ephesus sojourn
Mass held in Mary’s garden
Dad holding my hand

a Turkish Delight... and safe...

Fishy: 3


1am cell tweet
Awakens heart pounding fear.
Oh God! Keep her close!

The call we all dread...

Fishy: 4


Do you take this man?
To dance with on moonlit sands?
Yep! I did that too :-)

What for good? or just to have and to hold long enough for moondance?

All four, yes 4! Count them! of Fishy's takes on this weeks theme are again fabulous with great visual images... A smorgasbord of tantalising options...



Athens heat lightning
Childs eyes embrace the strange view
dad home from Viet Nam

I immediately saw the small child wondering who this stranger is coming to their home... Amid all the sultriness of a summer evening...

 thanks Casey for entering this week.


Well there you have it.

Congratulations on all the powerful entries,
It has been a tough call. 

My decision is based on my gut responses to the haiku presented

Kudos to K9 for giving me a good laugh... And Troll for the harshness of a love faded.

I commend Deep Blue for the beautiful ambience created,  obvious talent and the imagery that his French language Haiku evoked for me and am going with first timer "Deep Blue" as this weeks winner.

Congratulations Deep Blue!


  1. YAY Jon!!!

    But I like some other ones too..

  2. OMG! OMG! OMG!
    I'm... I'm stunned! Ich can nicht glaube... abasourdis, je suis abasourdis... shitsureishimasu! OK I'm speaking in tongue now...

    Thank you so much Princess (how could you do this to me, you little...!!!)

    As I scrolled down reading all of your beautiful haiku, I was so pleased to be guided by Princess' comments because I'm so culturally impaired that I wouldn't have guessed the references to movies, comedians, music, etc... (btw I want that bonzai on top of the post!)

    I don't want to make a Sally Field of myself, but I just want to express my heartful gratitude.

    (Domō arigatō gozaimasu→ Thank you from the bottom of my heart)


  3. Absolutely beautiful haiku en francais. Congratulations, Jon. And Princess--what a gracious discerning host/hostess!

  4. I love reading all the haiku, they are so good, even if I don't play.


  5. So many wonderful entries but I must confess that Jon's is my fave.

    Congratulations to our French-Canadian friend, Jehan-Pierre /Jon/ Deep Blue...a winner no matter what you call him!

    Toutes mes félicitations, mon ami!

  6. Very nice job hosting, Princess. Interesting that this little enterprise has made it around the world and back.

    And to Deep Blue, great works and a beautiful read. Kudos to the cunning linguist.

    Oh, wait . . .

  7. Congrats Deep Blue! And wonderful evaluation/judging by Princess.

  8. Congrats, Deep Blue, on your win for a wonderful haiku!

    Great sum up, Princess, and now you won't be intimidated the next time you win :o)

  9. bravos all around. Thanks Princess, a job well done on your maiden voyage of Haiku hosting, and to YOU jon, wow, welcome to the haiku fold and looking forward to seeing what comes next week. Im loving all the new talent entering the game. Congratulations, Jon. (from K9 too)