Monday, August 15, 2011

Haiku Monday....

I'm finally
back for another go Dhaaarlings....
this weeks Haiku Monday is being hosted by the lovely "Chickory"

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This weeks theme...



Great Barrier Reef
Coloured kaleidoscope
Beauty lies beneath


Battle of the North
Japanese unrelenting...
Them yanks sure could fly!


  1. Thanks for the last one.

    When our destroyer visited Oz and NZ in 1971 several people actually thanked us for the U.S. fighting WWII. Of course the ship was that old, but we weren't!

  2. PS: My ship was named after a Navy pilot who fought in the Battle of Coral Sea. He was kill during combat in the invasion of southern France.

  3. LOVE! thrilled with both of these and the photos are exceptional. so nice to have an entry from the faraway land. and the wonderful historical haiku too! Bravo (brava?) and thanks for playing!

  4. Words of Wonder are
    as usual proffered...
    Palais de Steff!

    (still trying to get to Gramercy, Dearest)