Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Georgia On My Mind.....

Hello Dhaaarlings...

Finally after much delay in obtaining appropriate supplies...

Princess is proud to announce that the Winners Prize from the Fabulous Frock Competition and Winter Ball is now completed and is winging it's way to the lovely


It is a signed original of one of my dress designs which came to fruition for a Very Pregnant Bride.

It was certainly a challenge at the time as you may well imagine.... Made from Silk Dupion at $80.00 a meter I was beside myself with worry that I would make a mistake and ruin the fabric. Consisting of an under gown(Creme)
and over gown with train (Brown) requiring about 14 metres of fabric without the lining for both gowns. The design was quite complicated with lots of knife pleating and the brown over gown caped around to the front joining at the waistline and held in place by a panel of hand stitched beading on contrasting fabric at the  front waist. Hanging from the panel were seed beads, clear tear-drop crystals and assorted small feathers in various shades of creme and brown.  As it turned out these things were the easy part and the very least of my challenges...

 Being 3 months gone at the first fitting the "Bride / Mother to Be's" body shape (naturally) continued to change throughout the whole process.... from fitting to fitting measurements had changed... requiring many returns to the drawing board,  re drafting of patterns, alterations... many sleepless nights and much teeth gnashing and hair pulling!
 (Mine, not the Bride's)

However... by the time the wedding day arrived at 6 months gone... things were pretty much touch and go as to whether her shape would change again overnight and that the dress would still fit on the day!
Fortunately for the Bride she didn't... and fortunately for me it did!... 
The wedding plans all went off without a glitch!... 
(I'd had awful visions of Princess... following the Bride down the aisle stitching her madly into the frock to cover her rapidly expanding girth!)

I met her again some months later while shopping well after the baby had arrived, and again she thanked me profusely for my effort.

I was very proud of my work, and despite the challenges thoroughly enjoyed the experience... though I am a little weary of making another wedding gown...
I think the first question I'll ask be... Not.. "What do you see yourself wearing on your wedding day? But...

"Are you Pregnant?" and if so  the next question is "When are you due?"

Savannah my darling, I hope you like the artwork and can appreciate my sense of attachment to it... It has been an absolute pleasure for me to revisit the adventure...



  1. Cool design and execution under fire, Princess!

  2. This is a beautiful dress but considering the circumstances, it is more than just a dress: it is a true masterpiece!

  3. how absolutely wonderful and hot damn gorgeous, sugar!!! i can't wait for its arrival! xoxoxoxoxox for you sugarpie!

  4. It's gorgeous, but who wears brown to their own wedding?

  5. Whow!
    I saw white, black and red dressing gowns, a creme one too, but never a brown one. I'm glad to hear that it all went well and that she apprecheated your efforts!

  6. Thank you Lx

    It was a tough gig!

    Thank you Jon
    It was tough but well worth the effort and the experience... And i'd do it all again...

    You are so welcome Savvy
    It has given me a lot of pleasure to re visit it... I'm glad you like it. It's about 9x12 inches in size.

    Dear Mr Peenee,
    I guess that gurls that wear bedazzled costume beaded flip flops on their feet and get married in a natural flora reserve for native bushland wear Brown! Practical... as it doesn't show the dirt and dust and kangaroo crap!

    DearMr Mags,

    Now that you mention it I have only ever seen brown wedding gowns on the runway at fashion shows. or in magazines. But this lass was determined to be different! Power to her i say for bending tradition!

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  8. Another remarkable design & a lovely gift!
    Love the brown, that is what time it is.

  9. What a lovely dress!

    You're just fabulously talented aren't you?

    Honey, when Prince Charming comes a-knocking, promise me you'll make mine!