Friday, August 26, 2011

Haiku Monday Invitation...and Reminder...

An invitation and reminder for
Haiku Monday... August 29th 2011

It's Haiku Monday!
Remember to enter folks!
Any one can win...

As last weeks winner of the "Badge of Great Honour"
I was feeling quite humbled.... Then I realised that as winner comes the joy and responsibility of Hosting next weeks challenge.

Not only that... but I get to pick the theme and judge your entries!

This seems a rather daunting task, but one that I hope I can do justice to.

The theme for Monday 29th August 2011 I have chosen is


We may well have had it as a theme before but, I think that it is a broad enough theme to have another go at. 
(Funny... but no one seems to remember exactly...)

So when you are ready, come on over and submit your entry/entries in the comments section of this blog and post an entry on your own blog too if you want...

I'm allowing visuals and or music clips!so get to it folks.

See you all on Monday!


  1. I was going to leave a comment but I've forgotten what I wanted to say.

    Oh Hai LX!

  2. Congratulations!
    Though I would have thought you'd won before...

  3. Congratulations! Wonderful announcement and invitation style! Yes, we wrote about "Memory" when I hosted a few months ago: but it has endless possibilities! I have so many exclamation marks because I live for Haiku Mondays! Go Princess!

  4. Aunty tip toes in...

    I ain't s'pose to be in heah. Uncle ain't never gonna let me hear the end of it --goin' outside mah mental chastity belt to no blogs wif' "content waring" notifications. (uh, even the word veri says "underwr")

    But I will try to come back ( wif' blinders on) to enter a MEMORY Haiku.

    Congrats again' on yore win Princessa. Good show. Have fun hostin' an judgin'.

  5. Congrats my darling.

    Enjoy your next role as judge!


  6. Looking forward to Sonnet Saturday and the topic of Earth Day. Word verification is nowhere near as interesting as Aunty's: shaubbl

  7. I'm up with:

    Stumble-stepped old dog
    tilts nose to summer breeze. Sniffs:
    tales of glory days.

    Congrats again on your win last week. You'll do just fine in the judging. It's a lot of fun. Looking forward to the entries:

    Word veri is: omati.

  8. misty watercolors?
    shut the hell up Barbara;
    "Big" did it better

  9. What happened might have . . .
    what didn’t may as well have:
    Memory trumps truth.


    Young Eddie Murphy,
    little rascally. Buh-weet
    says, “Amemba me?”