Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Haiku Monday on MyTuesday....

This week Haiku Monday is being Hosted by 

Pop on over to check out this weeks entries or
have a go and enter a Haiku yourself..

The theme for this week is 


Have a great week!

The challenge

Celestial trek
One step is the beginning:
And it ends up where?

Walk on.

Baby steps begin;
Leaping and bounding through life.
A race to the end...

Who would have thunk?

I Won! I Won!  So I guess that I
will be picking the theme, hosting and judging Haiku Monday for nest week!


  1. Love both of them!
    Unfortunately, I'm not fluent enough in english to try it out!

  2. Funnily enough Jon
    Neither am I but I give it a go anyway!
    Hugs to you...

  3. You be a finalist. Needs to know if you be able to select theme/host/judge etc... next Monday (sunday).

    My englishish ain't two goods either.


    You can submit an entry in French with or without an English translation. The translation, of course, wouldn't need to be in haiku form.

    I enjoy reading haiku in French and romanized Japanese.

  4. Well I be quite honoured at making the final cut!

    I'm happy to come up with a theme and host but I'm not sure I could do justice when it comes to judging... given there are haiku masters and pedants among the regular players with far more experience than I...
    I'm happy to give the judging a go if nobody else is willing and or able...
    Guess I'll just pick the one's that speak to me the most and use the "Troll Solution" and throw it open to the crowd to decide!

  5. Congratulations, dear Princess!