Monday, March 8, 2010

Home Again Home Again Jiggerty Jig....

Well, Hello there...

The "Empress Dowager" and I have arrived home safely from our adventure...

in the big smoke...

 And it would seem that it was just within the nick of time as
Victoria has experienced some of it's worst weather in over 180 years...




And severe flooding.

Do you like my new suit?

As you can see things have been a little damp around "Palais de Steff"
Since our return from sunny Melbourne....

Princess has has to ensure that the Empresses Recovery daybed is able to float should the rain continue....

But the in in the words of Dear Dorothea in the second stanza of her famous

poem "My Country"

Australia still remains a land of....



Flooding Rains...

The Empress is recovering well...

And will be up and about...


Dancing in no time...

We would like to thank you all for your well wishes and healing thoughts during our absence


Our travelling luggage remains unpacked...

As it would seem that the Houseboys....

Have obviously been having...

Far too much fun in our absence!

We would like to wish Mistress MJ a well earned holiday after hosting all those wonderful Olympians..

The poor dear has probably worn herself out...

In the meantime...

Cocktails any one? 


  1. i'm just glad y'all made it home, sugar! and especially, that the empress is jes peachy keen, sugar! xoxoxoxo

    (thank you for the lovely song, too! y'all are adorable!)

  2. Pleased things are recovering.

    Wow, amazing flooding in the city! Did the Yarra flood as well?

  3. Welcome back!!
    Pleased that the Empress is doing well... I am slightly envious of her floating bed.

  4. That is fantastic news!

    Glad you both made it back home safe and that the Empress is recovering well.

    Oh, Australia,

    Where women glow and men plunder!
    Can't you hear, can't you hear the thunder?
    You better run, you better take cover.

    Cheers for a wonderful homecoming.

    Stay warm and dry!

  5. Welcome home dear!

    I tried to keep the houseboys busy but I'm afraid we misunderstood that a bit. Glad the empress is recovering though.

    Pheew I hope they saved Miss Minogues frocks from the flooding!

  6. Ooh, those rascally houseboys! Sounds like they need a good spanking.

    I'm pleased that your highnesses have returned without incident. One wonders if the Empress Dowager's daybed comes equipped with an anchor?

  7. Dear Savannah,
    You are welcome my dear and i hope that you had a lovely day with hubby.

  8. Dear Xl,
    Recovery is going really well. the empress is up and about on her crutches for brief periods during the day but still gets pretty tired after all it is only a week post op but all reports are favourable for a full recovery.

    The storm was pretty amazing, they did evacuate the casino at one point due to water lapping the steps facing the river. Southern Cross station was evacuated and just in time as parts of the roof collapsed under the weight of the hailstones. They were the size of lemons! Heaps of damage to houses,cars, windows and trees uprooted with the strong winds. The insurance companies are all crying tears of blood! Emergency services are still working around the clock with the cleanup.
    Fortunately we only copped the rain here in Bendigo but 100ml/4 inches in 3 hours was just a bit much. we had another 2 inces over the weekend. We are very greatful as we do need rain but not all at once!
    Several shops and some houses were flooded but not to the extent of those in the city.

  9. Dear Scarlet,
    I like the daybed too. But it is only one of many scattered about the Palais. No doubt some will be featured from time to time in the future..
    Oh, and Happy Birthday DarlingXXX

  10. Dear Eros,

    For years we have been singing "Where Women Blow and Men Chunder" Thank you for the correction only don't mention the Flute Riff. "Men at Work" have just been sued for copyright breach finding that the riff sounded too much like an old song we all learned at school here years ago called "Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree" Trouble was that the guy that sued didn't own the rights until 10 years after "Downunder" was written and released. Go Figure?

    I'm very glad that we were home well before the storms as I may well have been stranded on one of those trams.

  11. Pete Darling,
    I'm surprised that you could spend the time away from the red carpet for long enough to vist after that marvelous marathon of couture and commentry, but thank you.
    Kylies costumes are safe. The art gallery has them hidden well within their waterproof and hailproof bowels when not on display. And even when they were on show i doubt that they would have gotten wet anyway given the short and revealing hemlines.
    I was fortunate enough to visit the show here in Melbourne when she made her gracious donation.
    It was to die for but unfortunatly the analy retentive staff disallow photography.
    I also saw one exhibition including some original Chanel, Givanchy and Westwoods deconstucted phase at the same time

    Last year we had the Victoria and Albert Museum's "Age of Couture"
    exhibition here in Bendigo, i live just around the corner from the gallery so only went along 6 or 7 times. It was the only venue in the Southern Hemisphere for the exhibition to be shown so was a bit of a coup.
    Comparing the trends between the French and English fashion houses
    during the 40s 50s and 60s
    Absolutely fabulous...

    I'm glad that you kept my house boys entertained....

  12. Dear Mr DeVice,
    Thank you for your kind welcome home.
    The Empresses daybed is not equipped with an Anchor (though it does look a little Egyptian)
    She just throws a couple of naked houseboys overboard, tethered with her elaborate macrame skills, and orders them to swim against the current should she wish to stop and admire the view. Of either the scenery or frantically backstroking houseboys

  13. Dear Princess, how good to see you and the empress back home, and even better to hear that she's recovering fine. Thank you for giving note! I will definitely have a sip of wine later in the coming evening ...

  14. Glad your both back and feeling chipper . Ma Beasty had a new knee a few years back and was soon up and about being a dreadful old pest :-)

  15. That's good to know. I went to the V & A in London to attend the travelling exhibition and it was amazing. Don't tell anyone but I touched a few of the outfits. While it was possible to touch the guards too were very much against cameras so I have no photographic evidence of my pilgrimage.

    I did manage to buy most of the stuff in the giftshop though.

    I'm so jealous of you attending that exhibition. I was only able to spend a few hours ogling the few designer dressed in the permanent collection of the V&A. Of course I did manage to sneak quite a few photos at the Hollywood Museum where ai saw iconic movie costumes.

  16. The first exhibition I mentioned was of course the Kylie exhibition.

  17. Dear Mago,
    Thank you for calling by and your well wishes have been greatly appreciated by both the empress and myself.
    I hope that you enjoyed your wine!
    I know that i did.

  18. Hello Mr Beastie,

    I am glad that things have gone so well for the empress. Though i do feel like I'm running room service at a major hotel, we have an intercom phone system and as i mentioned to eros i have been answering the phone saying "room service" when the empress calls. As i get distracted with my craft work and dont recognise the difference between the ringtones, Outside callers sound very confused until I explain myself appoligising profusely.