Friday, March 19, 2010

An Interruption to Transmission...

Princess is recieving a  global communication upgrade....

And may be unavailable to take your calls...

and therfore will be feeling quite bereft for some time in her inability to post

or make house calls...

The Palais Technicians will be working studiously on this problem.

At least Princess hopes that they will

In the meantime.....

Princess apologises for this most inconvenient situation...

But I will be continuing to seve Cocktails...

 in the meantime... 

You're welcome to join me...


  1. Ooh, you lucky thing. I'd love to have more time off, but I've stupidly given the familiar the week off, so I've got to stick around to host this Tin Foil Hat compo.
    Speaking of which, does this mean you won't be entering?

  2. I wish I had time off work. At the moment I'm working at least 7am to 6pm mon-thu to catch up.

    Thank the lord I love my job, heh.

    Let's have some Moet and expect the hardware. I'm not really a software specialist.

  3. Dear Mr De Vice.
    The Palais is Festooned with Tinfoil as we speak!
    Im just rushing out the news as my current server shuts down and it will be several days befie my new wi fi system is installed thats all. so expect a pic soon!

    Pete, I've left strict instructions for the houseboys to meet your every desire

  4. If we run out of fruit cocktail I'll just impale IVD and CyberPoof on a swizzle stick.

  5. What a marvelous suggestion Mistress, Have fun wont you...

  6. How dreadful Princess , I hope your front end is up and running before the week is out

  7. Best wishes with the upgrade!

    I look forward to yours and everyone's tinfoil creation--I'm having technical difficulties with my camera at the moment, but one way or another, I'm getting it done!

    See ya when ya come back online!

  8. "Upgrade" - good luck, dear Princess.