Monday, March 22, 2010

That Didn't Hurt a Bit Now Did It?.....

Princess would just like to say that she is back online!

And that despite my fears, the new instilation has gone very smoothly...


I did initially think that the installers may have had the wrong address...

What with all the tinfoil that they used....

But they assured me that they were at the right abode.

Although I do think the lovely young gentlemen...

Took Princess a little too literally when instructed to have a ball...

And do what they must.

Nevertheless, intreagued by their technological skills and application...

I was able to sit back and casullay...

 observe their antics...

This is, I was informed, a move which is very good for the "Pelvic Floor"

I was quite astonished as I don't recall there being a "Pelvic Room"
 at "The Palais"

And this is known as "A Squat"

Princess had always assumed up until now that this...

Was commonly known as a Squat!

And this..

 I was instructed, is what the gentlemen referred to as...

"A Nude Twistering Tea Break"

Tho I remained unable to locate their tea pot!

However, I did have a lovely time watching them between their work breaks...

And after all their acrobatical antics...

Princess felt that she needed a cooling drink...

and a little lie down...

After such an exhausting day...


  1. Bless them!

    I feel a bit better now. Thank you.

  2. Hmmmm.... plenty of tin foil for making a hat eh?

  3. Some true works of art here...

    love that use of an exercise ball!

  4. I hope you don't have your heart set on winning IVD's Tinfoil Hat compo.

  5. The owner of the tin-foil-cubicle clearly knows a lot about radiation. Some of the installers are radiant too.

  6. Dear Pete,

    I'm glad that you are feeling better. I thought that the installers might raise your spirits...

    Dear Miss Scarlet,

    So lovely to see you, and yes the Palais has been festooned with Tinfoil!

    Hello there Dear Leah,

    I have been toying with the Idea of starting a Pilates class here at the Palais, it turned out that these gentlemen not only practise
    but offered to demonsrate their technique... How Fortuitous...

    My Dearest Mistress,

    How very dare you even consider making such,such a comment...
    I know that you will have the tinfoil comp in the bag given your crafty skills, creativity and ingenuity...

    Dear Mago,
    One can never be too careful!

  7. My spirits are raised indeed yet I'm still ill so if the palais doctors are available I'd appreciate a housecall.

    My houseboys are not trained doctors but they do make decent toast.

  8. I absolutely love the picture of the 'squat'. The well chisled gentlemen, not the dubious abode.

    That's why I like visiting, you always provide so many aesthetic delights.

    Good luck with the tinfoil comp, though I've heard a whisper that it's been fixed.

  9. Glad to see your return and that the upgrade was a success! You've got a very nice set up on the table.

    How wonderful of the technicians to offer to show you their work and keep you engaged. Don't forget to stretch and warm up before engaging in strenuous activity!

  10. I wish all my Pilates classes had such flexible students, it really could give me more incentive to attend :)

    I shall certainly be remembering that Swiss ball exercise for the future.

  11. Dear Pete the Palais medical team have been dispatched, I hope you're feeling much better real soon...

    Get into some "Medicinal" Brandy...

  12. Dear Miss Roses,

    I too thought that squat was a magnificent pose.
    You are always welcome here at the Palais.

    Thanx for the good wishes re the tinfoil comp. I think that the competion will be of a high standard and that judging will be totally impartial...
    What with all these other creative "Fellow Bitches" out there what else can one expect?

  13. Dear Mr Eros ,

    Yes it was a delightful way to spend the afternon, and they were certainly not shy about demonstrating their finer points.

  14. Dear Miss Joanna Cake,

    Welcome to "Palais de Steff"

    I am very glad that your visit was so instructive.
    You will find my houseboys and other staff Extremely accomodating and cocktails are available for all my guests.