Monday, June 21, 2010

Let them eat Cake!

I said that there would be CAKE!

The Empress thanks you all for your loveley well wishes for her 70th celebrations...
The evening was a marvelous success...

Personally Princess is off for a good lie down...


  1. Did you do the cake?
    I have a seriously lack of cake and I really want some... especially the icing.
    I'll have to make do with a digestive and a bit of yoghurt.

  2. that cake is gorgeous! and i'll bet y'all are in need of a lie down, too! y'all are a delight! xoxoxoxo

  3. The cake looks delicious and divine! The decor is fantastic!

    Have a good rest, Princess (and Empress)! You've earned it for a job exceptionally well done! Cheers!

  4. Fantastic work with the cake, Princess. It's beautiful!

  5. Good to hear that all went well and it was a success - Gratulations, dear Princess!

  6. Dear Miss Scarlet

    The Empress baked her favourite family "Passed down through the generations" fruit cake. I helped with the frosting and did the fresh roses on top.

    Dear Savannah

    Thank you sweetie, We are all a little exhausted after the event catering for 80+ guests and family.
    The empress had a fantastic night...

    Dear Eros

    The decor was fun, the tabled were laid out with calico cloths, pink and burgundy serviettes, tea candles, resting in vintage champagne glasses filled with small river pebbles and hot pink pot pourri.
    It all looked beautiful but unfortunately the photos I took of the set up before the guests arrived didn't work as my new camera didnt have a memory card.

    Dear IDV
    I had great fun setting up the hall as well. Each table had a centre piece of 2 hot pink long stemmed roses Same as on top of the cake and baby's breath tied with burgundy ribbon,laying flat on the table.
    The nieces and nephews had blown up 70 hot pink balloons attached to fine sticks that were set in large glass vases, and placed around the walls and corners of the hall.

    Dear Mago
    Thank you and yes it was a lovely night. A good time had by all and worth all the effort. I would do it all again tomorrow!

  7. The cake looks great , but I do feel you are just encouraging Miss MJ to comment with some vile flatulence/patisserie related link

  8. That cake looks absolutely beautiful! Congrats to the Empress!

  9. Wow. MJ really is busy. No comment on the cake (which is beautiful by the way).

    Well done you for celebrating the Empress' birthday in true style. You are lovely. xxx

  10. Mmmmmm! Sure looks good. Hint. Hint.

  11. Mr. Boxer has been in the cake biz all his life and I have to say, that's one ding-dang pretty cake. Love the roses and I'm glad The Empress was celebrated so happily.