Tuesday, June 15, 2010

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This Weeks Theme for June 16th MCW is...

Favourite TV Show put on The Big Screen.
Again a challenge... as initially I could'nt think of a show...
Which is probably an indication of just how little TV I tend to watch. So not giving up I harkend back again to my child hood and thought about the first TV show that I could recall being put up in the big screen and I recalled seeing this Movie at of all places "The Drive In"
Dad would make up a bed in the backseat of the car....no such thing as seatbelts or safetey seats in those days...
Gosh... From as soon as I could sit up, got hung in a car chair hooked over the front bench seat between Mum and Dad when we went for a Sunday Drive...
My younger brother... still sleeping... swaddled in his bassinette on the back seat... which I might add used to be mine (2 yearolds have trouble adjusting to new additions)
Remember those days? 
But I digress... what was I talking about?
Oh... thats right the movie...
While Mum would ensure that we kids were all bathed and in our pyjamas so that when we arrived home asleep we could just be carried to out beds without the drama of being woken to do so....
After having seen the program in black and white on the small screen in the corner of the lounge at home, I couldn't believe my eyes when Fred and Barney appeared so huge on the big screen and "were coloured in!" to boot.
Talk about marveling with excitement!!!
So this week I present for your enjoyment....
 a walk down my memory lane...

Happy MCW...

I'm Princess and I'm an Infomaniac Bitch....
Sorry about the clip length it was the shortest I could find.


  1. i'd have to go with star trek, sugar! but i'm just that much of a closet geek! ;~)

  2. This led me to wonder who was the voice of Fred Flintstone and if he starred in anything else of notoriety. Alan Reed had played Sally Tomato in the movie version of Breakfast at Tiffany's.

    As I've said before, always learning something new when I visit the Palais.

  3. I'm commenting JUST BECAUSE I CAN!

  4. Fred and Barney used to give me the "yabba dabbas" when I was a nipper. Pure stone age cartoon filth.

  5. Phew. My comment is still here.

    The comments on left on my own post today have vanished!

    This is freaky.

  6. Yabba dabba dooo! Another one I completely forgot that was a treasure of my childhood.

    I've gone with something completely different and much more modern... because everyone expects me to hawk Star Trek :)

  7. First, I'm Boxer and I'm a Infomaniac Bitch too!

    I grew up on the Flinstones, not sure what that did to my mind, but it was fun to watch your clip this morning. I did not see the movie because it was made during a time when every cartoon from the 60's were being made into movies and I got tired of the lack of creativity in finding NEW material.

    Happy MCW!

  8. Great choice. I forgot about how many cartoons were movies back in the day. "Fred wont forget his trip to Eurock" Good times. Happy MCW

  9. When you said you were doing the Flinstones, I thought you were talking about the 1994 movie with John Goodman, Rosie O'Donnell and Liz Taylor - horrible. I didn't realize there was a cartoon movie. I watched the TV series when I was a kid like a crack monkey. That was our Sponge Bob.

    Happy MCW!

  10. 'evening, dear Princess, or better good morning. I hope all is well a le palais. Especially regarding the Empress.
    I forgot about he MVW. But I will take part in the comming week. By the way, I saw the Flintstones never in colour until zhere was this film. Take care my dear.

  11. The only Flintstones movie I know is the one with Liz Taylor and that was bloody awful.

    I don't know which one to pick because my mind is going blank. I'd have to think about it. It sure as hell isn't the camptastic Sex & the City movie or that hideous Bewitched movie with Will Ferell..

  12. I remember that Flintstones! But they were always in color for me. I did like their cartoon movies.

    The only movie that comes to mind is the first Transformers live action movie. I also happened to like the original Transformers cartoon movie. I enjoyed the Transformers cartoons when I was a little kid.

  13. What a good choice. I'm not playing this week (obviously cause it's Thursday here), but I do love seeing peoples' choices.

    Mwah dahling. You're just fabulous.

  14. Ah, watching the Flintstones as a child with a toasted cheese sandwich and a glass of milk - Happy and contented memories. Thank you, Princess.
    As for my favourite TV show to Movie: I'm going to agree with Eros and say Transformers. I remember being so excited about going to the cinema to see it - On my birthday, too!