Saturday, June 19, 2010

Celebrations at the Palais....

Hello Dhaaarlings...

The Empress is celebrating...

It has been a difficult last 12 months but we have survived...
The Empress has made a full recovery from her Second hip replacement 

She would like to thank you all for your well wishes and enquiries after her health and recovery progress.

It has been truly appreciated...

And in recognition of your thoughtfulness...
 "The Palais" doors are open to one and all to help celebrate 
The Empresses 70th Birthday.

Wasn't she a beautiful Baby?

There will be Cake...
Not this one.. as Princess hasn't finished decorating the real one...

And Candles...

The fire brigade are on standby...

Have you met our local firemen Ready, Willing and Able?

Princess has often found the Empress in the Palais grounds getting up to mischief with a box of matches, I think in the hope that "Those nice boys" will call again, and after my housewarming I am not surprised with this sort of behaviour...

And of course there will be champagne...

So Dhaaarlings

Come on over and help the Empress celebrate 70 marvelous years...


  1. Yay and Happy Birthday sweetie!

    70 again?

    Get a load of her...somebody break out the fire hose and put her down...she’s flaming out of control.

    Hip replacement? is that what they call it these days? I’m due for a sphincter retread myself.

    Cheers and down the hatch old girl.

  2. Indeed the Empress was a beautiful baby, a star from the very beginning with those cheerful eyes and big smile.

    And I see she started playing with balls at a very young age.

    Happy 70th my dear!!

  3. Ad multos annos! My best wishes to The Empress!
    A securiry gear - is that xl in the middle?

  4. Hope the Empress and your family have a fantastic time. I lurve celebrations.

    By the way I'll have Willing, Able and Ready in that order. Did I mention that I've not indulged in firemen in my List of Uniformed Services?

  5. HAPPY 70th!!!
    I will await the firemen in the hope that they download their hose.

  6. Happy Birthday to the Empress!


    Cheers and Best Wishes for many, many more years of good company, good food, and good times with luved ones!


  7. Thanks to the Empress for giving us the Princess.

    I won't be popping by much over the next couple of months and will soon be on hiatus.

    Know that I am with you in spirit.

  8. Happy 70th Empress!

    I know this is now tomorrow in Oz, but it's still today here, so technically I'm still on time?!?
    Anyway Princess, it's your fault I'm late: I arrived here early this morning, but it's taken me until now to take my eyes off that first fireman and actually comment!