Friday, June 4, 2010

Now Showing at "The Palais"

(On Friday)
Boxer has taken a break from MCW for the month of June but...
 Milk River Madman Over at Crown on the Rocks
has kindly picked up the baton for the month.

This weeks theme is

 "Best War Movie".

So at short notice I present for you..

The Dam Busters  

I remember seeing it as a kid and don't really recall much of it other than being fascinated with Lancaster bombers dropping Bouncing Bombs like stones skipping over the water.
It was based on true WW2 British Air teams that had to develop a way of safely taking out well defended targets without getting shot down in the process.
In later years I had flashbacks to these scenes while watching one of the starwar movies where Luke has to aim a rocket to blow up the death star..
I thaught "Thats where they got the Idea from"...

So... I'm sorry that i'm running a little late but there you have it for this week.


  1. Awesome scene. Those are great special effects when you think of the time. From the tracers coming at the plane to the miniature dam that was constructed. Great comparison between this and the Death Star scene though the dam is slightly bigger than a womprat. Happy MCW.

  2. Mistress MJ finds war films distressing although the Houseboys can watch them for hours on end.

    But if asked to choose, my vote goes to The Longest Day.

    Have you seen the cast list that includes loads of stars AND even pop singers of the day?

  3. Yes! A historical gem of a movie. Well done.

  4. Well how about that? Star Wars ripped off this scene!

    I like watching old movies. This is one I'm looking forward to watching. Great clip, Princess!

  5. ...I remember this film... and then there was the advert...

  6. One of my favourite war movies.

    I just love the understated Englishness of it all.

  7. I do enjoy the old B&W films especially Fanny By Gaslight.

  8. Life's too short for war movies, although I wouldn't mind watching Apocalypse Now sometime.