Wednesday, June 30, 2010

No Comment..Cease Fire!

Cease Fire! Cease Fire!

Message over at ErosDen to say "Bitches hold your fire".

He also has a link to follow the discussion as MJ and Leni jump through the required hoops to have their comments restored... Check it out at Eros's place

And thanks to all the blogging community that started threads at blogger help or made relation to this issue... finally blogger are listening.

My blog is still missing past comments from MJ of Infomaniac and Leni Qinan of Dangerous Writer

The comments were left on my blog as parts of ongoing conversations with fellow blogger friends and followers and I am baffled by "Bloggers" inabilty to respond or even acknowledge that these comments have been deleted from every blog that MJ and Leni have ever visited.

As part of the Blogging community and a fellow traveller with both MJ and Leni I cannot standby and let this happen without attempting to get a response or explanation or even an apology from Blogger.

Not only have the comments been deleted but continued comments left on my blog by Leni and MJ disappear within 24hrs of being posted. Along with their original Blogger Avitar.

I see this as gross censorship of free speech by Blogger. A claim that it makes it is not in the business of doing.

If this can happen to 2 bloggers that I know of it can surely happen to any of us in the Blogging world

I ask you to visit Eros Den , read the background history and learn how you can participate in bringing our concerns to Blogger in the hope of having all the missing comments restored to our blogs.

If enough of us join in then Blogger may well take notice and start to give us some clear responses, explanations, resolve the problem by restoring the comments and ceasing the ongoing erasure of new comments and who knows...maybe even an apology.

Imagine if you will... being in a situation whereby one day your comments just disappear from existence.
From every one you have ever visited and left comments with, funny, inspiring, thoughtful, heartfelt, encouraging challenging, sincere and supportive.

Gone... Overnight as if you never were.

Years of Funny banter, conversation, information, correspondence, assistance, ideas and advice gone....dissolved into the ether of cyberspace, without the slightest warning. Ripping away the very heart of your blogging experience, that is, communication and friendships developed over years with people from all over the world. Shared ideas and making connections with like minded travellers in the blogging world. Participating an a warm and generous online community. All this just stopping overnight. With apparently no recourse with Blogger and the Google team.

I know that I feel angry, and as none of us can make the assumption that "it won't happen to me" I implore you to join with us in the quest for some answers.

Our aim in participating in a Surge on Blogger is to have all the deleted comments restored and for ongoing new comments to remain and not disappear within 24 hrs.

Follow the very clear instructions at Eros Den and let's see what

"We the little people" can do when we join together!

Thank you for your time and participation.


  1. Right on Princess!

    I'm all in with the surge!

  2. Thank you so much for spreading the message, Princess!

    What Google/Blogger is doing is a travesty and an injustice that cannot be allowed!

    I'm so proud of everyone who has all ready started posting at the Blogger Forum, and I'm really excited about all the buzz and noise we're making. It just goes to show what an amazing group our blogging community really is. We look out for each other.

  3. Hi Princess! I haven't been by in awhile and hope you're good...

    this is really very eloquently put, and I will immediately go over there and see what I can do.


  4. Well saied, well stated, I really hope that our joint efforts will show some success. At the moment I doubt it. Google is a money machine and blogs are just something aside, only cost, no profit.
    And for the image? Heck, who cares - its all coverable with fighting spam and porn and whatnot. Google is dealing with data. They do not care that these data rpresent humans.
    And exactly there lies the knack. Exactly that is what makes them "good Germans": They administer data, and because it is all connectable, they can administer anything - and it is beyond their reach of imagination what their actions could cause - they are just handling data. Lists.
    I thank you for this post, dear Princess. I hope it amkes others go and look at Eros' - its important for all bkloggers, at least it should make anybody dropping by THINK!

  5. Now its seemingly broken down again ...