Thursday, July 1, 2010

An Amusement...

Have you been to a Marvelous Party?


  1. Oh, wow! Really cool video. It had me with the clips from The Blue Angel!

    Oh, to have lived in 1920s Berlin and partied with Marlene!

  2. Neat. I love the pianist's hands, so slinky.

    I have been to a marvelous party, just recently. It was so marvelous...

    I haven't seen "The Blue Angel" in so long!

  3. You have to throw marvelous parties to be invited to them.

    And yes I went to a marvelous party recently...clothes came off...keys got tossed into a bowl...bowl got tossed into the pool...

  4. I love The Divine Comedy! I think my favourite (depending on mood) is The Frog Princess.

  5. Dear Xl,
    I think 1920's Germany would have been avery interesting time to have participated in life. No specific gender conformity, good fun and marvelous partys!

    Dear Leah,
    Beautifl supple slender fingers, just perfect for piano...I don't ever recall seeing "Blue Angel" but the footage looks wonderful and i will put it on my list of must see movies...

    Dear Eros,
    It does look like a fantastic party, I only wish I could have been there. I love the works of Noel Coward and was looking for his original rendition of this piece but stumbled across this that coverd it, plus put a new slant on it.

    Dear Mr Pirate,
    I like the sound of your Marvelous Party! I wan't to know more about what happend once everyone got in the pool...You were all duck diving for your keys ...right?

    Dear Mr De Vice,
    Loveley to see you. 'The Divine Comedy' was not new to me as I have a compilation of Noel Coward's work done by various artists and this was one of the numbers on that but I had never seen the clip to go with it so for me that was a bonus.
    I haven't checked out 'The Frog Princess' but noew given your comment will endeavour to do so...thank you.

  6. I don't like giving parties, simply because I have cream carpets. But I do enjoy a lively all day al fresco celebration which involves looting, drug runners, rent boys, police armed response units, surveillance helicopters and general rioting.