Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Now Showing at "The Palais"

 It's Movie Clip Wednesday and the theme for the 14th July 2010 is...

 "Best/Favorite Movie Theme Song"

Milk River Madman  is continuing to host MCW in place of Boxer who remains on an extended hosting break from the task.

MRM set one stipulation for this weeks theme as a result I believe of a repetitive Childhood trauma...

I Quote the Following...

"I am going to ban "Gonna Fly Now (Rocky's Theme)" because at the state wrestling tournament when I was a junior they played it at the awards presentation for every weight class. Soured me on the song so its banned. Anything other theme song is fair game."
Milk River Madman

So Folks...No "Rocky's Theme"
(It was a crap theme anyway)

This was an extremely difficult task this week as I just love music of any genre and particularly music used in movies.

I don't profess to be an aficionado as I can rarely tell you the name of the song/theme, the writer/composer or even the artist that made the tune a hit.

But I sometimes get the movie that it came from right.

The following piece of music never fails to uplift my spirits

I don't know when or where I was when I first listened to it
But the initial feelings of happiness and wellbeing have stayed with me and continue to bring about these feelings even now while listening to it again.

And... it comes from a movie that I have never actually seen!

You can watch the trailer for the movie HERE 

But it is funny how music sticks in your brain and that you can recognise having heard it before...
But be unaware of its origin until you start searching.

Happy MCW!
 And if you have the time there are more themes that came to mind







  1. Ohhh, good genre. I do love your choice although I've not seen the movie either.

    One of my favs is the theme from The God Father.

    Then of course there's Diamonds are Forever from 007. Makes me want to put on something sparkly right now in case Sean Connery shows up tonight.

  2. hi Hayward,
    Lovely to see you...
    Sean Connery is a lovely Gentleman but when it comes to "Bond"ages...
    Daniel Craig can leave his shoes under my bed any day...

    There were so many themes to choose from this week it was hard to make a final choice...

  3. This is a great choice. It was such a good tune and so unexpected. The film wasn't bad either :)

  4. PS, I can't believe I forgot the Bodyguard and Braveheart and all those John Williams tracks!

  5. I often like film themes better than the films... I sometimes watch The Bourne Identity films just for the music to cut in at the end! Oh, and Matt Damon is quite nice too.
    So many themes to list!

  6. Great choice. I've never seen this movie either.

    I don't think I have a favorite movie theme. There are so many that I like.

    Some are classic, like the Superman movie theme.

    Others I like because they're hauntingly beautiful, like the theme from The Last of the Mohicans.

  7. Princes, I've never heard this song so thanks for broadening my horizons. Also the movie looks really good. Of course the first thing I said was "Its Boone from Animal House" Happy MCW

  8. Great choice, Princess! I knew a guy who had this track recorded a zillion times in a cd and he heard it all the time in his car stereo.

    I've seen the film "Local hero" and I liked it -not a classic or something great, but nice to see-.

    I've also enjoyed the music in the links! 'The English patient's soundtrack is one of my favs.

    ((May I ask a question? Excuse my ignorance but, what is MCW? Stupid Google only says things like Medical College of Wisconsin or MAryland Championship Wrestling...))

  9. I've seen this movie but I didn't remember the music - until now. And I'm with Madman in thinking of Boone every time Peter Riegert came on the screen. Burt Lancaster was really good in this and it also featured a little known actress named Jenny Seagrove who was really hot (I remember her swimming scenes).

    Happy Movie Clip Wednesday (MCW)!

  10. Dear Joanna Cake,
    Nice to see you, it was a fun theme with so many choices this week...So many good themes form so many good/not so good movies.
    I will try and track down a copy of local hereo tho.

    Dear Scarlet,
    As i said in the post I'm never sure as to who what when or where the movie's music came from but I recall it when i hear it and usually the movie too.

    Dear Eros,

    Thank you for the link it is a very moving piece of music is'nt it.

    Dear MRM,
    I knew I'd seen his face somewhere before. thanks for a great theme this week...

    Dear Leni,
    You are in no way to me considered ignorant.
    MCW = Movie Clip Wednesday

    It is a Meme that began over at Boxers place where anyone that wants to can put up a clip on their blog related to the weekly theme. Boxer was hosting for a while but due to her other commitments has passed the mantle on to Milk River Madman.
    See the links above in my post.
    All that is required is a bit of a story to go along with the clip as to why you made the choice you did regarding the theme etc
    Usually participants leve a comment at the hosts blog letting them know that they are participating that week, often with just a title or a hint ov their choice. Then anyone can call by your blog to read, watch or comment...
    I hope that this expalnation helped you out a little..

    Dear Buzz Kill,
    Glad that i could jog your memory...
    Thanks for calling in.. I think it may have been close to one of burt lancasters last roles or am I way off the mark?

  11. I'm so very late, but let me say... I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this movie. I wish I had thought of it myself. Mr. Boxer and I still quote lines and my favorite (although dated is:)

    "I'm more of a telex guy".

    Happy MCW. Wonderful pick.

  12. Dear Boxer,

    Thanks and given your pressure for time I'm just glad that you managed to visit...
    You at least have seen this movie, I am yet to enjoy the experience..
    But I do love the music...