Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Now Showing at "The Palais"

Movie Clip Wednesday continues to be hosted by The Mad Man

and this weeks theme for July 28th 2020 is...
probably best described in his own words..

"Here's the theme and it's for the ladies...
 and I hope I can explain it well enough (sorry Buzz, don't hate me because I'm beautiful).
Pick the romantic comedy you would like to have starred in and why.
 Maybe it's not your favorite but it has the actor/Diane Lane actress you most want to smooch."

So many little time...

A selection of the men Princess would lick like to pucker up to in a funny romantic way...

But I'd have loved a role in this...

Happy MCW.


  1. Princess is an excellent movie clip picker!

  2. Aw, no upside down in the rain Spider man kiss?

    I recognize some of these scenes. A few, I've never seen before. Still, I like the tunes that came with the clips.

  3. Thanx Xl,
    I do try, in fact some might say that i'm very trying...

    Hi Eros,
    There are a lot of gret tunes that people put up to back the montages that they make. Very tallented folk and I don't mind showing off there skills here.

    It was again a hard topic for me to cover this week as i just love Rom Coms...

    The kissing scene from spiderman is a soon to be... if not already.. classic and it was on my list of choices but thought that others mught choose it so eventually left it out...Though I wouldn't mind playing Miss Dunst in that scene with young Toby...

  4. One of my favorite romantic comedies is The Love Letter. Interestingly the scene that affected me the most had no kiss. That scene is the first 3 minutes here.

  5. Thanks for the link Hayward,
    It does look like an interesting movie and again it is one that i haven't seen but it has me intrigued I will try to hunt down a copy...