Friday, July 9, 2010

Princess Plummets....

Hello Dhaaarlings...

While Princess sits here thinking...

 and reading...

 All about your "Summer Adventures"

What with all those pool party's...


And Posing going on...

Princess has to admit to a tinge of jealousy

Spare a thought for me won't you as I toil away....

In the cold

creating some lovely...



To help chase away those...


Bleak winter Blues...

Having said that...
 I think It's time to put my feet up by the fire...

In an attempt to stay warm!

Enjoy your Summer now won't you?


  1. Oh you poor thing. I forget about the season difference down under. I have to say that you do have a way with the knitting needles though.

    Honestly it's so hot here right now with a muggy 90 percent humidity that it feels like 125 degrees...I would like a nice cold snap right about now.

  2. I'll be toasting to you and sending you warm wishes.

    I'm avoiding going outside much now, because the recent heavy rains have led to those dang mosquitoes coming out and biting people. A nice cold snap would freeze those annoying buggers to death! And there's more rain in the forecast.

  3. We are having a bit of a scorcher in the UK.
    We are all wearing flip-flops. Some people are even wearing flip-flops with socks. Others have turned lobster red or fake tan orange [with tide marks]. The Brits aren't good at summer attire. Roll on winter jumpers.

  4. Dear Princess,
    I saw the first combine harvester in action. Hope it is not too cold and there is no flood - I heared in the news that there is severe flooding in Australia, but forgot in which part.

  5. 101 actual temp and 118 with the heat index, sugar. i am staying inside! xoxoxo

  6. This is just what we need as a break from all the filth...

    A nice knitting blog.

  7. We finally hit 95 degrees today and now everyone is complaining about the heat.

    Stay warm and have a good weekend.

  8. Maybe the thought of me, at work most of the summer making sure people are up to date with their car payments will help warming your heart. In the sweltering heat obviously.

  9. I didn't know that you were Aussie, Princess! ;)
    For the weather report: we have a hot African air mass over Spain, hitting 104ºC.

    Winter has its charm too. I just hope it's not too cold.

  10. Is that a Luxan or a Wookie in that "warm" photo?

  11. Dear Mr Pirate,
    I"m quite enjoying the opportunity to rug up this year. Winters have been very warm here for the last 5-6 years with us being in drought.

    Dear Xl,
    Just the ting to take the chill off.

    Dear Eros,
    those mozzies can be pesky. I don't mind the rain and the cold is nice for a change.

    Dear Scarlet,
    It's nice to rug up for a change, flipflops and socks are not a good look unless teamed with a corner knotted hankie upon ones head...

    Dear Mago,
    the flooding in Aus is in the outback of central Australia, Lake eyre, usually a huge salt pan is full of water and marvelous birdlife.

    Dear Savannah,
    In that heat stay indoors and pump up the fan speed....

    Dear MJ,
    You unfortunately still seem to be immersed in dissapearing ink. But it is nice to see you when you do manage to call by even without those marvelous legs...
    I thought some good old fashioned knitting was just the thing for a change....

  12. Dear Boxer
    I love the Wabbit! Just cosying up by the fire with a little tipple should see me through the weekend..
    Enjoy yours...

    Dear Pete,
    you know what they say about all work and no play... It's good to see that you enjoy your work... even when It's hot.

    Dear Leni,

    Welcome to winter Down Under...
    I have to admit that in winter you can always put on another layer of clothing to stay warm. Unfortunately in summer and the heat there is only so far that you can go to stay cool before getting around in the nude!

    Dear Mr DeVice,
    I'm not sure if it is either, all I know is that three sheep are now getting about naked....