Wednesday, July 7, 2010

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It's July and Milk River Madman is still hosting Movie Clip Wednesday for Boxer while she continues with a well earned hosting break...
The theme for this week 7th July 2010 is...

"Favourite 70's Actress"
This was an astonishingly easy choice for me for a change I must say...

Either that, or I just wasn't into too many female actresses in the seventies...

Fancy that?...
Oh... apart from Ann Margaret in Tommy...I always wanted a white ermine bedcoat, minus the beans and chocolate...

But I digress... The first and only actress apart from Ann that came to mind was Louise Fletcher in her oscar winning role of "Nurse Ratched" in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" alongside "Jack Nicholson"

This role must have made an impact on me as after leaving school and several boring jobs I became a Psychiatric Nurse.
A career which lasted 20 years. And one that I nolonger practice
 (But that is a whole other story)
I vowed never to be as rigid and controlling as the character portrayed in this movie by Louise, tho throughout my career I met many many like her.

As I said... of all the movies in the 70's this one stuck and I have been a fan of hers ever since and it is always a surprise to see he pop up in a role
when I least expect her to.

So there you go... Dhaarlings

Happy MCW.

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  1. Reports are comming in of comments going missing all over the blogosphere...Good luck and may I suggest a visit to here if you are experiencing technical difficulties and lets see if blogger can get it fixed real soon.

  2. Are comments working in Australia?!

  3. Super actress choice, Princess!

  4. Well, how about that? A movie character who inspired you to be better!

    She is a great actress. Her role has become iconic! Everyone knows what kind of qualities to think of when someone is described as a Nurse Rachet.

    I remember her from the tv series, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

  5. Oh, she was brilliant as Kai Winn Adami in DS9, wasn't she Eros?

    I've yet to see One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, but SP has it on DVD so I will watch it soon - Maybe this weekend. thanks for the reminder, Princess.

  6. Hello All I can see you now!
    It has been an interseting 24/7

  7. I watched Brainstorm the other night and was happy to see Louise. Her character is so perfect and adds the only real and fully developed person in that movie. It added the credibility. They create a machine that records the brain and she dies offering a glimpse into the after life.

  8. Wonderful choice Princess. Dont you feel sorry for what see did for nurses everywhere? Every time a nurse was sweet she was called "Nurse Ratched". Happy MCW

  9. That is a great choice, one of my top favorites too.

  10. I haven't seen this movie in quite a while and forgot how good looking Louise Fletcher was. In my memory, she was always old - and I don't know why.

    Happy MCW!

  11. Just dropping by to say hello.

  12. You were here MJ but now you have gone again....