Thursday, July 29, 2010

Houseboy Hijinx...


It's time to get out your marker pens...

and create your own dance steps just like these little minx's...

They exhaust me just watching them...


  1. Shall I get you a cold compress for your forehead?

  2. I couldn't watch the video on my iPhone but expect it to be hot and dirty - and good for you mate!

  3. Why thank you Dear Mistress...
    A cold compress is just what is required for such an event...well.. that and several stiff drinks...

    Dear Pete,
    New fangled gadgets don't always live up to the hype that goes along with them. Never mind Dhaarling... if you do get the chance to get on line it is certainly worth
    a watching..

  4. Don't worry darling, I will. Just can't do it from work.

    Come 4pm I'm all Get Outta My Way! Can't wait.

  5. That is really kool! Love the video.

    It's a little bit like a gay Kraftwerk or something they would do if they were

  6. I love this video! It's made better by the fit bodies performing!