Wednesday, July 21, 2010

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Hello Dhaaarlings...

Movie Clip Wednesday continues to be hosted by The Mad Man
and this weeks theme for July 21 2020 is...

Worst Movie Ending

When I first heard the title of this cinematic wonder I thought it was about

Artificial Insemination Not Artificial Intelligence
(what an Oxymoron)

Well here's the trick...It should have been...It would have been far more enlightening and entertaining

 This ahem..."Movie".. was one of Spielbergs (in my opinion) Worst Ever Movies
Let alone the soppy storyline and crappy feelgood ending.

I say leave the cutesy little robot and talking teddy friend buried forever...

It would have been a far more believable end than to jump forward to

 "Silicon Based Life Forms" inheriting the earth!

See what all those Breast Implants evolved into...

What about a future world of giant bacteria that evolved from all that Botoxing?...

Just makes you think...

Anyway here are three Clips that I have found for your enjoyment...
Go on...Knock yourself out..

Kubrick would be turning in his grave...Tho on second thoughts he may well have had them all wearing blindfolds....


Happy MCW Dhaarlings...

I'm off to find something entertaining to watch....


  1. Oh, no.

    I hated AI. Probably one of the most boring movies I've ever watched. Had I been that mother I would have kicked that creepy and fairly annoying thing out of my car in the beginning and celebrated by going out for cocktails.

    Now that, would have made for a better story.

  2. I think I did watch this but it made no impression, unlike most of Spielberg's other work. Perhaps the problem was Stanley's original treatment...

  3. Mistress MJ refuses to watch anything containing Haley Joel Osment.

  4. The kid was essentially a household appliance. Apply a large dose of Spielberg treacle to the story is what ruined it for me.

  5. Pete
    Your storyline sounds much better... It would have been far more interseting...

    It was a very boring movie from begining to end... I'm not surprised that it left no impact...


    But he sees dead people...


    Spielberg should have left his treacle in the pantry...

  6. Will not die unfulfilled if I don't watch this film. Has Spielberg made anything good in the last 10 years. Great clips all my dear. Thanks for playing.

  7. Oh jeez, this piece of crap. I went and promptly forgot all about it. ZZZZZ. It had too many plots and not enough good writing.

    Great pick and happy MCW.

  8. I remember seeing this movie but it was very forgetable. And I don't recall the circumstances behind the ending. Why could they only bring his mom back for a day and did he die? I really don't care. That bear creeped me out though.
    Unlike MJ, I like Haley Joel Osment as an actor. He was like 12 when he made this and the Sixth Sense - pretty amazing acting.

    Happy MCW!

  9. Wasn't this the movie where Jude Law played a whore bot? or is it hooker bot?

  10. Hey MRM,
    Thanks for hosting..Tricky theme this week... thanks.
    You are very right about spielberg he seems to have lost his Mojo..

    Any Vodka left I need a hit after posting this crap!

    Buzz Kill,
    Far too many confusions and plots within plots to stay awake long enough to follow. It was a seemingly long movie....yawn.

    I liked the kid better when he could see deaed people.

    These days I just tend to see stupid people!


    I hope you are correct cos I just may have to sit through it again to check him out. If he was in it though i'm sure i would have sat up and taken notice unless of course that was the bit that i slept through, but then i did sleep through lots of bits of this movie it was sooooo boring..

  11. The film sounds like a tribute to boredom. If I was a pensioners budgie in a cage, forced to watch that for company I would end up pecking my own feathers out.

  12. Mitzi

    I could at least have made a mini boa while the budgie plucked!