Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore... But that "Witch Killing Bitch" Dorothy is moving in!....

Hello Dhaaarlings....

Just when you thought "The Palais" was safe from Mad Hatter's, March Hare's and Cheshire Cats. Princess is about to be overrun with Munchkins, Flying Monkeys and Emerald City Citizens....

Another youth theatre company here in Bendigo called "Nexus" have collared me to work on their production on the "Wizard of Oz" scheduled for sometime Mid 2012...

One of my nieces is also auditioning for a role in her school production of "Joseph" so I may see some work (Pay per costume) coming from that production as well!

Planning meetings are happening in early January... So I have a little bit of break time in between...

the Budget is lower than "Alice" so you can expect less extravagant costumes but... none the less I shall endeavour to work my magic and attempt to make make silk purses from sows ears...Darlings... 

Have you seen the "Promo's" for the New ALW Broadway show?

Well this will be nothing like that darlings... 


  1. I saw Wicked in the West End, London a few years back. The costumes were stunning.
    Congratulations on being in demand!!!

  2. Love WoZ! And can't wait to see your creations!

  3. I can hardly wait to see your take on the flying monkeys!

    I saw Wicked in Sydney. Nothing better than OZ in Oz!

  4. You're not in Kansas anymore!

  5. No, Princess is all in canvas now!

  6. Amazing work Princess doll! Can't wait to see this one take flight.