Sunday, December 4, 2011

White Rabbit Make-Over....

Hello Dhaaarlings..

At the almost last minute Princess was asked to work her magic on the "White Rabbit's" coat.

It was a commercially made rabbit costume that was purchased on line...
Replete with Brown Vest white fur mittens, oversized white fur rabbit feet
Huge oversized black top hat with fur and wired ears and a plain purple coat all in 100% polyester... eew... Boooring!!!
I made up a beautiful shiny purple satin ribbon that now goes around the brim of the hat and ties in a bow at the back with ling tails hanging down the back and....
 Here's the result after the ugly coat had been given 

"The Princess Treatment"

It was the least that I could do...

Every Kid on stage has the right to look Fabulous Darling!!!


  1. I know when i smell something cooking.....
    I'll be patient and wait for the update.


    PS... Just so you know, your lace made it through the malay.....

    Be patient and wait for the update!

  2. Fantastic.

    But how dull of them to go to the internet!

  3. Bee-yoo-tee-ful.
    Loving the back detail.

  4. Very good of you sweetie. Without your touches, that rag must have looked like my granny's housecoat.