Thursday, December 8, 2011

I''ts Opening Night Folks!!!

Hello Dhaaarlings...

Things have been frantic over the past few weeks.
Princess managed to have the main costumes completed by Monday just gone...

But then came a list of costumes requiring repairs/ refitting and I still had a couple of Sea-Creatures to complete

It is all done now and Princess taking the Empress out to Opening Night for a "Show Spectacular"

We are guests tonight!

I'm backstage Wardrobe tomorrow night...

The curtain goes up at 7 pm

So I'd best be getting a wriggle on Darlings...

And don't forget to take a look at some of my costumes in action Here

thanks for finding the Link Miss Mitzi....


  1. OMG!

    *Big Girlie Squeal*

    Everyone looks fantastic!

    Haven't you done an amazing job?!

    They are just beautiful!

    So after your lie-in tomorrow...what's your next project, you fabulous Princess?

  2. The costumes look wonderful in action! Are you there now?

  3. Well dear Roses
    After a well earned lay in in the morning I'm back to the school in the afternoon to prepare for another show tomorrow night. I'll be back stage while the other half of the Wardrobe team gets to sit out front to watch the show! Then after that we start working on.... the Wizard of Oz! Yay!
    For some time next year!

    hi Miss Scarlet
    I've just gotten Home. The show was spectacular now that it has all come together. A few minor hic coughs with props and missed lines as is usual with an opening night!
    But all the kids were wonderful...
    I had lots and lots of lovely feedback about the costumes and then got dragged up on stage with the rest of the design crew for a rousing round of applause.
    And I was really pleased that none of the costumes that I created had a wardrobe malfunction!!

    *Bows and curtseys in the direction of MJ*
    Oh Mistress... Flowers.... You shouldn't have.... Oh... you didn't.....

  4. *tosses bouquet of roses at Princess's feet*

  5. Hello Princess:
    We have been away so long that we have missed so much of the action. The costumes looked to be absolutely wonderful, beautifully made and so perfectly suited to the occasion. We are filled with admiration for your talent and creativity. Bouquets all round!!!

  6. I'm sure it was a spectacular spectacle!

  7. Heaps of congrats. I still say the costumes look like the best part of the show.

  8. Simply fantastic, dearest...

    I hope you were listening to the chattering of the crowd as they viewed your handiwork for the first time...


  9. Congrats, and have a cock-a-tail and relax to enjoy the show. I may have to have you here to help me. I want to do a male peacock costume for a show next fall and I want it made competely out of peacock feathers. Us damn over the top gays!

  10. Amazing amount of work. Wow.

    Bravo! Bravo!

    Looking forward to a post about how it all went....

  11. Bravo! The costumes look fabulous! The video was great too.

    Job well done love.


  12. thank you everyone for your wonderful feedback. the show was a great success. I'm working on a new post to tell all!