Friday, December 16, 2011

OH!... Christmas Tree?.... That's Right....

Hello Dhaaarlings...
with everyone in the festive spirit Princess thought she'd better do something ..... Festive

Losing track of time this year I'm running a little late with getting into the festive mood but I did make a small effort...

 So I managed to dust off a few trinkets last night and this is the result. 

It is only a small effort... as space is of a premium around "The Palais"

In other years the whole place has been festooned with Christmas lights,
the posts along the front verandah are usually wrapped with red light ropes to imitate candy canes along with strings of fairy-lights strewn about the garden...

This year my "get up and go" has "gotten up and went" regarding an outdoor light show usually complete with the Empresses Spot lit Nativity scene.
This year... Nothing!

I guess the coffee table will have to suffice...

Ho Hum...


  1. At least you've made an effort. My tree is still in the loft, it hasn't seen the light of day for years.

  2. *throws knickers in air like an over excited Tom Jones fan*
    This is like a Christmas tree meme. We could have trees popping up on blogs all over the. World and could create a blogging Christmas tree forest.

  3. If I was wearing any knickers, I would also throw them in the air to celebrate your festive display!

  4. Next year I'll put out a request for all your Christmas decor pics and do one big post.

    Will someone volunteer to remind me next year?

    Would you please put some pants on, LX?

  5. It's a Coffee Table Christmas.
    And it's spectacular!