Friday, February 3, 2012

Celebrating.... A quiet spell...

Hello Dhaaarlings...

Things are rather quiet here at the Palais as you might well have guessed from my slack efforts at posting recently...

I don't have an awful lot to tell you... or many new creations to show you though no doubt that will change as the year goes on...

The Empresses Health scare has settled to awaiting a referral to see a specialist which won't happen until the end of the month... so as of the end of the week the Empress will be flying off to Western Australia to visit my Sister and her family in Perth.

In the mean time I'm managing to potter about in the vegetable garden, and managing to complete some sewing projects started mid last year but put on hold once I started making  stage costumes.

A friend of the Empresses who is in her 80's has had a stash of pure French, Italian and Indian silk fabric that she has collected via gifts from her own family over the years. She is no longer able to sew for herself and has asked me to turn the fabric into some skirts and blouses for her. 

So... This is my current project. No pictures as yet but they wont be far away.

I've also been asked by one of my Nieces to make her a sun dress.
 As she has herself a little part time job, she insisted on paying for the fabric and we both had a lot of fun browsing through pattern catalogues for ideas.
We have drafted the pattern block in her size and can now go about designing and making the pattern pieces.

It's her birthday at the end of the month so hopefully if all goes to plan she will have a new party dress to celebrate in!

So my darlings while I take a little break from the Phaff and relax with a little cuppa...

Here's something nice to look at...

Celebrate "The Year Of The Arse"

Now... Here's three arse to celebrate Darlings


  1. Have you seen the movie War Horse yet? Stunning cinematography.

  2. No I haven't Mr Lax... but thank you for the suggestion I might just go and take a little look. Thanks!

  3. Hello Princess:
    Well, we think that you deserve a month of rest and relaxation after all your efforts with last year's stage costumes and before the next production becomes critical.

    Still, you do seem to have quite a lot going on with the three boys in your drawing is your drawing room isn't it?

  4. It may sound silly, but what is a "sun dress", dear Princess? Is it meant to protect from the beams or something more like a swimsuit - I really have no clue.

  5. Dear Mr Maggs
    To solve your conundrum... here's a picture of the dress or something similar to it that I will be making for my niece. Just a simple frock for summer days...

    Dear Jane and Lance
    You are quite right in that I realised that I do need a break at the moment.
    I'm still keeping busy though with preliminary sketch ideas and prototypes for components of some of the costumes... despite the fact that I'm catching up on overdue projects! It feel quite good to be able to work at a leisurely pace for change!

  6. It's a pretty good thing that those three look just fine without cloths... This way you can really enjoy your break from the Phaff!!!

  7. Sorry, dear Princess, something with the link does not work - it's always something, just an "<" or an "7" in the wrong place, fucking html, sorry.

  8. I'm pleased to see you're holding up your END of The Year of the Arse.

  9. Dear Mr Mags

    Try this link....
    something pretty to wear on a summers day....

  10. Dear Wally,

    Yes... I am quite enjoying the view...

    Dear MJ...

    I'm always happy to pleeasure the Mistress...

  11. Damn, I wish I could see there faces! Im still missing my three houseboys!?! But they do have some impressive arse and from what I can tell, some fine teabags!!! Now I'll take that cuppa with two lumps darling.

  12. Dear Maddie

    Just let me warm up the pot!