Monday, February 20, 2012

The Empress Takes Leave...

Hello Dhaaarlings...

Princess popped the Empress on a flight to Perth in Western Australia  two weeks ago...

She is spending time with my sister and her family... and catching up with the grand children of whom she doesn't get to see a lot of as we live on opposite sides of the country 

From all reports she is having a lovely time... Sisters group of friends adore her and have adopted her as their own and she is catching up on lost time by catching up with what has been happening in all of their lives...

Seeing them all again in person is just so different compared to a catch up over the phone occasionally...

I'm lead to believe that the Empress is being treated to numerous shopping sprees... and fated with gifts and trinkets (none of which is at her own expense!) and will be returning with a whole new wardrobe...

We are off to make the rounds of specialists beginning the week after her return, so I will keep you all posted on that front when we know more...

I just hope that there isn't an excess baggage fee... Again! 

I'm almost dreading what might greet me at the baggage claim later in the week when I go to pick her up from her sojourn!

I may well have to hire a Ute to get us home Darlings....

 Princess is making the most of her time alone... I still have fresh raspberries in the garden... And Vodka!

You know that you are always welcome to join me!

Till then Darlings....

Bottoms UP!


  1. I wish the Empress blessings during the rounds of specialists.

    And my best to you of course :)

  2. Well honey I'd offer you my townecar, but don't know how I'd get it there! And by my standards, that's light travel with suitcases, course, my houseboys carry them.

  3. cheers, darling! all the best to the darling Empress! xoxoxox

  4. Thanks Damien
    Your sentiments are appreciated...

    Dear Mr Lax

    It's a 1952 FX Holden Ute. As a kid we had an old one of these but with pale blue duco... that had been taken off the road and parked behind Dad's tool shed and left to rot away... As kids we had some fantastic "road trips" using our imaginations and all in the safety of the back yard! Fun memories! There would always seem be a fight between my younger brother and I as to who would do the driving! Some times it would get so bad that Dad would intervene and threaten to ban us from playing in the ute for a week! Usually with the instant result of capitulation from one of the combatants involved... Which of course meant that we would be late to our imagined destination....

    Dear Maddie
    Your town car would be a boon!
    I may have to strap a few houseboys into the back of the Ute for the trip to the airport to help with the heavier cases...

    Dear Savvy
    I'll pass on your good wishes to the Empress on her landing!
    Now get back to your baby watching!
    I'm loving the photos of the latest addition to the krewe!

  5. I want a breakfast cocktail now.

  6. My dear MJ
    It would be my pleasure... and you know how I take great joy in pleasuring the Mistress...
    Just let me pop down the back behind the tool shed and pluck a you a few firm, plump, ripe and juicy fresh berries for your cocktail shall I?

  7. Raspberries and vodka!

    The breakfast of champions!

  8. Raspberries and vodka, two of my favourite food groups.

    Great to hear The Empress is being spoilt with family and that you have some Princess time (not too much Princess time, remember what the doctor said about the unslightly hairs).

  9. My dear, if you ever need some help to haul back home all the sovenirs the Emperess will bring back, just give me a call. It'll be my pleasure to give her a ride home in my big station wagon!

  10. That bottom looks so bite-able

  11. Dear Bob
    The breakfast of champions indeed! Is there a better way to face the day?

    Why Roses I'm not one to neglect good nutrition...
    Unsightly hairs? Do my ears need waxing again?

  12. My dear Huggy Jon
    Thank you for availing yourself... your big station wagon and your footman. The Empress will be thrilled! My "pumpkin style coach" is still at the workshop....

    Dear Nurse Myra

    Bite away darling... We aim to please around here...

  13. Would KILL for that ute!!!

    Try to pick your mother up at baggage claim in a timely manner. She shouldn't have to go around in that carousel thing more than three or four times. Unless she's enjoying herself.

  14. Dear Ms Nations
    On previous visits to the airport I have had to Bribe the Empress with hard liquor to get her to get off the damn thing. I don't need to look to see if her plane has arrived.... I can hear her squeals of delight coming from the baggage carousel as she circles past waving excitedly at the jet lagged and slightly bewildered hoards.

  15. "and will be returning with a whole new wardrobe"

    I now have this vision of your mother stark naked at the baggage carosel wearing her new Empress' New Clothes

  16. Better dash around and pick up the joint before she returns or she'll know you've been having wild parties.