Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Potty Princess... Still!

Hello Dhaaarlings...

I'm still all potty and have a few more tea pots from my small collection to show you...

Royal Doulton Chamber Pot

Some tea pots from my blue period...

The oriental looking thing with the wire handles was procured for the grand price of $2.00 at an opportunity shop... A real steal! Although the original was probably only $1.50 at a cheap import shop! It has a "Made in Japan" signed in blue glaze on the bottom. 
On further inspection... it appeared to have been well used, not a chip on it anywhere, and with tannin stains coating the inside. 

So... at that price I had to give it a new home... It makes a nice pot of tea and I'm continuing to develop the tannin patina!

The hand thrown clay pot is by a Tasmanian Artisan... Who's name I have long forgotten... but it along with several other pottery items cost me a fortune to get home on the plane due to an excess baggage fee! 

All my new treasures were packed into a separate bag which I had intended to take on to the plane as my hand luggage. Sadly... the bag was "Three Inches Over sized" and weighed "almost a tonne" according to "Trolly Dolly Nazi" with a smug little smile on his "I know I'm just so cute face"... that booked me in at the airline counter!

 "Bitch!" I thought... I bet you don't complain about an extra 3 inches when you're down on your knees darling!" but I digress...

This little teapot was given to me one Christmas by a dear work colleague whom over the years I have sadly lost contact with... 

It again fits the "house boy" category of "Quite useless but pretty to look at!" 

My Blurry blue Enamel is my trusty stand-by and the one that I use when going on a camping trip in the great outdoors... Not that I do that much of it these days...
Well not outdoors any way... Camping is more of an indoor sport around 
"The Palais"

I'm buggered if I know where I picked this one up! 
I know it was in a pottery studio somewhere... and it didn't cost me a lot as it was a prototype the potter was developing. He was working with blue and green oxides and a new clear glaze and as it is a prototype the flower designs are different shapes and sizes on either side of the pot

The first time I filled it with boiling water the glaze took on an all over crackled effect!

Probably not meant to happen but at least it still holds its water and makes a nice cup of tea....

The rustic grey blue hand thrown would have to be my favourite.

 I only use it on special occasions.

I love the overall shape of the tea pot and the way that the handles look as if they are in movement, swirling our from the front and back of the pot.

 You can see how they have been pulled and stretched into position by the artist. The abstract lines of the etched design give the pot a delightful three dimensional textural feel when it is held and I really like the flat lid which fits well and adds a little quirkiness. It is very organic and as a tea pot... it pours... beautifully... 

Now.... I think I'll just pop the kettle on... 

Let's use the Blue/ Grey clay shall we? 

How do you have your tea? 

Bottoms up Darlings...


  1. I don't drink tea, but I do like your collection. Especially the rustic one.

  2. These are beautiful teeth dear... I mean teapots!

    I love my tea green and served in those nice little japanese cups I got few years ago during my otaku period.


  3. I had some "herbal" tea yesterday at a cafe and about halfway through the cup realized it tasted exactly like something from the hot water tap.

  4. ***claps hands***

    Delightful post! Such a nice visit through your cupboards. Do it again, soon?

    I love the one you received from the friend you lost contact with.

  5. Lovely, Princess!

    And might I add that a drip-free spout is essential.

  6. I love that you not only collect these gorgeous pots, but that you also use them. They're not just ornamentation.

    Actually, I think I'll just go make myself a lovely cup of tea. An Assam today, I think.

  7. Thank you Mr Lax
    You are a man of fine taste.

    I can offer you a coffee if you would prefer?

    Dear Huggy Jon...

    Let me make you a pot of green tea in
    my little Japanese number then...

    My dear Mr Peenee

    Herbal teas purchased at street cafe's are never the same as those made from herbs picked fresh from ones garden... May I offer you a camomile and peppermint brew perchance?

    Hello there Boxer
    Its a wonder that you still are able to see after all the eye bleach needed after visiting here recently! Celebrating the year of the arse as it were...

    The littlest pot in the collection and the cutest... A bit like a Henry that I know of!

    My dear MJ
    You are quite correct... there is nothing worse than a continually dribbling spout. All I don't need is a teapot with prostate problems...

    Dear Roses
    I figure that if you have nice things around you then why not make use of them. The Empress would scream in horror every time I'd make her a cuppa in one of my bone china cup and saucers... (I collect them too) But she has got over it to the point where she will turn up her nose if I serve it to her in a mug... adding "Arn't I getting one of your good cups today!"

  8. Why I drink my tea the only way too darling, out the hands of a handsome man of course!

  9. Oh honey, I do agree. They're no good stacked on a shelf somewhere.

    How is the Empress doing? Is she well?

  10. I had a gentlemen friend with a tea pot fetish, I may have mentioned it on a previous post. He would fill the pot with warm water, lower his pods inside it and then get me to blow down the spout. The easiest £20 I'd ever earned. It was similar to your crackle glaze pot with the blue flowers, except his had yellow flowers.

  11. Dear Maddie
    I love that Idea though I wouldn't want him to burn his hands... Insist he serve you from a lovely bone... china cup

    Dear Roses
    The Emperess is travelling well... literally! (See new post) The fun begins next week!

    Dear Miss Mitzi
    Thank you for your kind instruction!
    I think I may be able to scrape up the 20 pound required for your "special tea" service...