Saturday, February 25, 2012

We Interrupt this Programme....

With the Empress away... It seems that Princess has been spending far too much time on the interwebs and has had her connectivity speed cut by her ISP....

Too many  porn studded meanderings.. musical interludes and visiting every one to have my say has caused an over use of my allocation and reduction in speed...
Verbosity can be a bitch some times!

So until after the weekend when my hours will re-set, I will not be persisting in attempting to post or visit you very much given that  it now takes me over an hour to do what I once did in 10 minutes... 

(Old age can be a bitch too!)

Any way... the Empress fly's in this afternoon so I'm off to the Airport

A visit to the big smoke the big smoke might be just the distraction I need....

Tootles!( well until my server speed increases again Dhaaarlings...)

I'm taking a precautionary brunch coat with me should the Empress have decided to arrive displaying her "New Clothes" on the baggage carousel...


  1. I'l be looking forward to your return. There is no such thing as too much porn.

  2. Oh my dear friend! I have the same problem. I've just checked my Internet usage and it looks like I've already used 43% of my allowed bandwith. And I'm only on day #10 with 19 more days to go before the counter is set to 0!!!!

    Send my best regards to the lovely Empress!

  3. What a bunch of sluts you are.

  4. Here Here Mr Peenee
    I concur... but sadly my ISP does not but looks like I'm back to full speed already!

    Dear Huggy Jon

    I've been on slow mo for the past week and a half! but looks like I'm re set as we speak! I'm zooming all over the place again now!

    Hang in there won't you! I'll pass on your regards to the Empress.
    It's great to have her home again!

    My Dear MJ

    It is comforting to know that I am a slut amongst fellow sluts... I know of no higher honour which could be bestowed upon a slut such as myself! I thank you!