Saturday, February 4, 2012

Princess Goes Potty...

Q:What doth the piss pot miss?

No!... Not that sort of Potty Darlings...

This sort of Potty... Tea Potty

Whilst Mistress MJ laments the passing of a by gone British era....
That being... The demise of a "Proper" Cup of Tea... along with Red phone boxes, Red pillar mail boxes and Red Double Decker Buses... 

and having put out the call to rally around and "Save our Cuppa along with our teapot"

Princess has a confession to make...

For many years now Princess has been a collector of the humble teapot.

I don't have too many of them... nothing in the "expensive" collector categorie... but the ones that I do have are quite special to me hold their own stories and memories.  

The one pictured above... I found in a Hong Kong market... It is very heavy to lift...I think being made form metal panels soldered together... It is octagonal in shape and has seven inlaid panels of exotic ladies in traditional gowns behind small windows of glass... each wearing a different costume and hairstyle.
I was quite taken with its design... And couldn't wait with excitement at the thought of taking it home and giving it a test run.

But alas... it was not to happen

After carefully unwrapping it from its packaging and while washing and rinsing it thoroughly in anticipation of making a fresh brew... to my horror it started to leak! Just like a sieve! 

Despite my sense of disappointment and the fact that I couldn't just pop back to Hong Kong to make a complaint or exchange...

It remains one of my favourite decorative accoutrements... and just like my houseboys.... totally useless but pretty to look at!

I will endeavour to display for you over coming posts some of the other

"Teapot Treasures"  from my collection.

In the meantime I think I'll just pop the kettle on and make a fresh pot in

  "Old Faithful" and dress him up in "Sam the Ram" (my favourite tea cosy) whilst contemplating my next potty post...

Bottoms up Darlings


  1. A little leakage? There are a number of Infomaniac Bitches who have the same problem. It's nothing to be ashamed of.

    Sam's a ram? I thought he was a wombat!

  2. Made in Hong Kong. What did you expect?

  3. Dear MJ

    I guess that I am among friends...
    And yes... Sam is a Ram made from pure hand spun wool... "straight off the sheep's back"... so to speak.

    Sadly a Wombat doesn't have horns it just eats roots and leaves... Like an ex boyfriend!

    Dear Miss Mitzi

    I was callow youth and as England still held the lease on Hong Kong back then I expected nothing less that high quality goods!
    how wrong was I?

  4. I thought that said, The Princess Goes Dotty, and i thought, "M'kay....."

    Loving the teapot. It's a shame it's just decorative, kind of. Carlos is also a teapot collector and we have several in a hutch in our front hall. They are quite pretty to look at.

  5. i thought sam was a koala.

    yes, if we aren't leaking yet, we will be momentarily.

  6. Nice pot, dear princess, but why do you keep an old sock besides your cup?

  7. The HK teapot would make a nice lamp, I think.

  8. You keep your teapot inside a peeled sheep? Sheep peelings for teapots?
    or wait...Teep sheelings for peeshe? You keep your she peelies tea peeshots? OK no wait. OK.
    Your key peeps me Sheepies pour fleaspeep? Peep pots for teep eelies?

    ...I forgot what we were talking about.

  9. What a lovely teapot. I scour flea markets looking for lithophane teacups.

  10. So some still use a tea cosy. I don't think I see them here too often. And there goes that bottoms up again. Everytime you say that I get up???

  11. I agree with you Your Royal Highness.... I lament the passing of a proper tea / coffee service.

    The pot - the sugar bowl - milk/cream pourer - napkins - cup *AND* saucer..... sigh

    When we eventually meet - I'll provide the scones and together we'll enjoy some civility. :)