Saturday, August 7, 2010

Away from "The Palais"

Hello Dhaarlings....

Princess is donning her uniform

And is going on a Working Adventure...

Performing for her Adoring Public


Someone has to mind the Store...

While No 2 Son takes leave...of his senses

I'll see you all in about a weeks time...

Isn't it exciting?

6am Starts and 8pm Finishes
I'm quivering in anticipation already...
I just Can't Wait..


  1. Hi Xl,
    I love that scene from Lucy!
    dont worry i'll be helping myself to some of the goodies while holding down the fort...

  2. Hi Hayward,

    Hope i got the name spelt right:)
    Goodness with that doo of Darling Ruth's I'd be competing with half the customers!
    And then i'd have to dye the rug to match the curtains....

  3. What are you hiding under that tinfoil hat?

  4. My lips are all of a quiver too!