Sunday, August 8, 2010

Now Showing At "The Palais"

I'm away from tomorrow so have arrived a little prematurely for MCW
(and I don't trust the auto post thingy)

It's Movie Clip Wednesday for August 11th 2010

 And this weeks theme from Madman is...

"Best Opening Scene"

Well to my way of thinking the opening scene has to set the tone/theme for what is to come and in my way of thinking the movie that did this best for me was...

Great Actors, Fantastic Music and a Kink Storyline that 
was bound to turn it into the all time cult classic that it has become...
And guess what Dhaarlings...
I love It!

I've said enough...enjoy!

                                                       Happy Movie Clip Wednesday


  1. Best opening scene ever! I’m such a Rocky Horror fan that I have made it a theme for several of my Halloween costumes over the years.

    I was a thirteen year old virgin in the back row when I was first transsexualized.

  2. Ahoy there Ayem8ty

    I don't recall the age i was when i saw it first but was absolutely tranfixed for the whole movie.

    I've been to all the live prodictions of it here in Melbourne and will be there again for the next...

    There is a picture theatre in melbourne that runs the movie every saturday nite with audience participation, it's been running since the movie was released and still packs in the regulars.

    Oh... and if you decide go... take an umbrella for the storm scenes as they all bring water pistols! I found out the hard way....

  3. We always took along a newspaper, toast, and a deck of cards and gold spandex under pants.

    In just seven days...I can make you a maaaaaaaan!

  4. *shocked that MDP was ever a virgin*

  5. Inexcuseable got me into this - She absolutely loved it. And before long, so did I!
    Excellent choice, Princess.

  6. I've never watched that movie. I know I should, but I never have.

    Another brilliant opening scene, is the opening scene of Barbarella! Even as a homo, I can say THAT'S HOT!

  7. This is a fun movie. The first time I saw it, I was in the city of Atlanta, visiting with some friends. Later that week, they took me to a theater where people were dressed up like the film characters and brought props for the midnight showing. Suffice it to say, I was glad we brought old newspapers to cover our heads, esp. when they other people started squiring water guns and tossing bread crumbs and rice! Fun night!

  8. Good morning Princess,

    I've never seen this one all the way through. The beginning, the middle and the end, I've seen. I just haven't seen it all put together. Maybe someday.

    Enjoy your travels.

  9. Great theme song. That's twice in the last three weeks that a RHPS clip has been used. Happy MCW.

  10. It's one of my all time favourites, never tire of watching it. I even have the soundtrack. Don't dream it - be it.

  11. It's just a mouth and teath, but you can't look away. This movie always brings back memories from my late teens and early 20s when my friends and I would catch the midnight showing.

    Great choice.

    Happy MCW!

  12. Dear Princess, come back.