Saturday, August 21, 2010

Music for Your Rears...

Hello Dhaaarlings...

Look what Princess just recieved from the ISN*

I hope it was a free give away or all just a silly mistake as

 Princess wouldn't dare place an order for something so vulgar....


*Infomaniac Shopping Network


  1. If this were Let's Make a Deal, I'd say you got zonked. I knew MJ was up to no good with her shopping network.

  2. Did he say ODOUR your copy?

  3. How vile, but Everybody Dance Now?


  4. I daren't click 'play' for fear of what might assault my ears!

  5. Dear ayeM8ty
    I'm sure it is just a little dispatch error. But I have to say that the houseboys are having a ball... you should hear them tuning up to "sing" along....

    Dearest MJ

    I do believe that you are correct... Odour your copy now... perhaps to beat the bums rush..

    Dear Pete

    I'm dancing cheek to cheek as we speak...

    Dear Mr DeVice

    How lovely to see you...
    Go on... know you want to...
    You might just get a good laugh... You know... like when you laugh so much you inadvertantly pass wind...
    No ? Must be just me then...