Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Now showing at "The Palais"...

Our Current Host Milk River Madman 

Continues to set the bar high... but it's great to see that Boxer is Back and raising the stakes again with her entry this week...

Good to see you back Gurl!...

Madman... has come up with a brilliant theme this week for 4th August 2010

 "Best movie with a twist ending"

My Choice.

'The Grifters'
Starring John Cusak, Annette Benning and Angelica Huston...
I don't know about you but I never saw the twist coming...

Then there was always this Twist...

And of course this one..

Happy Movie Clip Wednesday!


  1. GREAT picks all of them and I loved the last one the best.

    GRIFTERS was one of my all time favs and I really need to see it again.

    Happy MCW! Don't forget to go over and announce that you're "up" at MRM.

  2. I haven't seen all of the Grifters but need to. All great actors. I like my Crown on the rocks with a twist of lemon like xl said.

  3. Im sure I have seen the Grifters but, again the ending has not been retained in my little brain :) At my age, as something goes in, it shoves something else out!

  4. I haven't seen the Grifters but I think I should. I certainly need to see Brokeback again - I bought it on DVD after seeing it 2 or 3 times at the cinema, but haven't got around to watching it at home.

  5. Excellent choice, Princess! I just loved Brokeback Mountain!

    *still twisting with Chubby Checker!* ;)

    PS.- Now on the TV there's something called 'Paranormal activity' -which you can guess from the title what this is about-. They say that even Steven Spielberg was afraid when he saw it. I may have to switch the channel!

  6. Great choice with the Grifters. I think this was one of Angelica Houston's best roles. The orange scene was pretty intense.

    I never saw Broke Back Mountain so I'll pass on the ending.

    I actually saw Chubby Checker perform 2 years ago at a benefit dinner. He's still got it.

    Happy MCW!

  7. Xl,
    Favourite scene from this movie, well one of.. worked in a coffe shop and got a table like that nearly every day...

    Sat and watched the grifters again just recently I can reccomend re visiting...

    Crown with a twist coming right up...
    Thanks for another great theme.

    It's OK...Senior moments abound at "The Palais" believe me...

  8. Mr De Vice,
    Mr Twist was all through the movie...I have a copy of it now but like you sat through it about 4times at the movie theatre...

    There are some movies that are ground breaking and I think that Brokeback was one of them...
    Paranormal activity sounds very interesting I will keep an eye out for it here....

    Every time I hear the word Twist I get this Chubby Checker song in my head...Never the Beatles "twist and shout"....

    Buzz Kill,
    I agree... I think AH deserved an oscar for this role...Not just a nomination for best support..
    The Oranges in the towel scene was when i had to look away from the screen, i really believed the intensity of her emotion...

    How great to see CC live... I'm pretty sure I'd have been twisting in the aisle

  9. Premonition. The one with the guy who used to be in Charmed, was married to Dannii Minogue and is now on Nip/Tuck and Miss Sandra Oscar Winner Bullock.

    I was warned but the by the end lulled into thinking maybe not only to be surprised. I liked it.