Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Now Showing At "The Palais"

Hello Dharlings...

This week 18.08 2010 I got terribly confused about the theme for Movie Clip Wednesday

 Milk River Madman who continues to carry the mantle for Boxer...

 was rambling on about watching a movie or not watching a movie and surfing all at the same time...
I've never had to take my surfbord to a theatre before.... and I certainly don't intend to start doing so now!

So instead... here are a couple of little snippets to entertain you while Madman recovers from his current malady.
 (One too many Crowns on the Rocks perhaps?)

The Longest legs that I've ever seen...

And boy can these guys dance...

Appologies to Madman... as it could be just me?

Silly Princess...


  1. Sweet. I'd stop to watch this! Maybe the theme wasn't clear (and I'll take all the blame) but I don't give a rats ass. The fact that you follow my absolute crap of a blog where I rant and complain and want to be the ruler of the world is all the matters you dear, funny, lovely man is all that matters. Happy MCW and I'm in the Crown. Just for the record.

  2. [off topic]

    Nice makeover with the splashy blue/purple stuff.

  3. I kept expecting her to do something nasty in the woodshed. She falls down. That's it. I think they could do with a little more rhythm and rehearsal.

    I love what you've down with the Palais...

  4. Dear Madman,
    You big ole Jewel you...
    Again appologie for my confusion I'm a little addled from all the redecorating over here at "The Palais"
    And my offer to help out with Themes still stands if your real stuck...

    Dear Xl

    The old Tart has Tarted herself up!
    Splashy yes... but not trashy...
    I hope...

    (And that was Tart I said)...

    Dear Mr Nude Infomaniac aka Mean Dirty Pirate aka AyeM8ty

    No the poor dear just wobbled off her heels...(Brings back memories)
    I see that you have found employ as the The New "Infomaniac Shopping Network" Callgirl...

    The decorators are having a slapfest over furniature themes now...

  5. Have you hired Prince as your decorator?

  6. Dear MJ

    I had such a time convincing him that i didn't care for "Rasberry Beret's" adorning the entrance hall.. nor did I want a "Little Red Corvette cluttering up the lounge...tho i did say that a large green vegetable instillation might be different...

    He went Crazy...Delerious..."There must be something in the water"...He started screaming for a "Lady Cab Driver"...then said "Lets Pretend we're Married"..."I want to be your lover"...because "You've got the look" then insisted on a "Kiss"

    Is it any wonder that decorators are so temprimental...and i'm so confused...

  7. Oh my such “Controversy” were you a “Nasty Girl” did he give you “Diamonds and Pearls” or was it just “Cream” did he install a “Love Machine?”

    Details darling...details.

  8. ayeM8ty

    He did invite This Lot over to Party and then i found that he had installed one of These and as for the cream...need i say more?

    Oh and i'm still waiting on the Diamonds and Pearl Necklace

    But he did Promise....

  9. Nothing like a good dance routine to liven up some channel surfing :)

  10. I messed up too in that I didn't realize the Madman had selected a theme at all. Cab Calloway and hypnotic legs are a good choice regardless of the theme.

    Happy MCW!