Wednesday, August 25, 2010

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Hello Dhaarlings...

It's Movie Clip Wednesday again and Milk River Madman's theme for this week

25th August 2010 is...

"Favourite Male Actor from the 90's" 

Well talk about a difficult task... given my extreme interest in all things Male
I've had such a time drooling my way around the interwebby thing...
Working that U-tuber overtime...And oogling all over the place..

But have finally settled on one Actor and only one.
And I'm sure that he did make a movie or two in the 90's
And if he didn't...I really don't care.

And the winner is....

Heeears Johnny...

And here is something that I didn't know...

Honestly Dhaarlings...

Happy MCW


  1. I'm sorry, I have never understood the fascination of Johnny Depp.

    I'm more of a George Clooney in the 90s kind of gay. George Clooney yesterday, today and tomorrow.

  2. I almost went with Johnny myself except I didn't see hardly any of his movies in the '90's and didn't think it a fair choice from that standpoint. Great pick. I like the fact that he's very low key and everwhere he goes people say he is a genuinely nice man. So rare for famous people these days. Happy MCW.

  3. Johnny Johnny Johnny! You'll get no arguments from over here and I know there are a fair few ladies who will agree :)

    Although, I can't help thinking he was more successful in the Noughties...?