Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dragonfly.... Anyone?

Hello Dhaaarlings...

Costuming for "Alice" is getting under way... 

I spent the afternoon Monday  taking the initial measurements for costumes for about 40 of the school students in the production...

I was asked to come up with some ideas for Dragonfly Costumes for some of the primary school age kids that will be extras in some of the scenes

I figured track pants and matching tops in black, brown or navy...
combined with wings... That was the easy part...

The Initial Sketches...

The wings and eyes were a bigger challenge...


 by using a supply of coat hangers, stockings, bird netting, a headband, extra wire, a "Pool Noodle" and some "bitchin' stitchin'! "....

I came up with 2 prototypes.

Et Voila...

1. Dragonfly with net wings...

2. Dragonfly with stocking wings

I think they turned out pretty well with 2 options to show the team at Fridays meeting... I'm thinking I've done good!

We shall see!

Now I'm off to Celebrate my recent win!


  1. Oh honey you are so creative! I love the wings with netting. You know there is money to be made outfitting strippers and daring show folk. I see the budding of a new career.

    Get it, budding?

    Because you're making flower costumes?

  2. Hello Princess:
    Such inventiveness and igenuity combined with real talent. We are hugely impressed with both dragonflies but think, on balance, we should go for the 'net' look. It will be most interesting to see which is chosen. We much look forward to more!

  3. The net ones are especially nice. Well done, Princess!

  4. Me likes the net ones too!

    OK! There is a conspiracy!!!

  5. Hello Dhaaarlings!
    If I'm honest I too Love the net wings! The catch with them is that the netting is hand sewn as it is stretched across the wire... Very time consuming. Yet I guess the head costume designer and director will have the final say!

    with the stocking wings the intention is to paint on the veins and highlight them with glitter...

    the net ones will be sprayed silver or gold!

    I'll show you more once final decisions have been made...

  6. Congrats on your win!

    Are those your mantyhose?