Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Name that Character....


No prizes for this one Dhaaarlings just a little amusement....

See how many you can name...


100+ Get yourself a life! Unless of course you are an animator by trade...

80 - 99 You spend far too much time watching cartoon network... might I suggest some fresh air and a brisk walk?

60 - 79 You have kids or... have not quite grown up as yet or... rush to get every possible happy meal you can get your hands on...

40 - 59 Childhood memories come flooding back with visual prompting or you are a sucker for the latest animation movie at the cinema

20 - 39 You don't visit toy stores or fast food conglomerates much do you

  0 - 19 Get yourself a TV Dhaaarling or get out more often...


  1. Hello Princess:
    Now we dare not even try for fear that it will reveal something about ourselves which we do not wish to know! And there are things!!

  2. I got a forty... mostly childhood memories.

  3. 32 and my eyes need check up! But I'm sure even after I got my new glasses, it's still gonna be 32!
    I could score better (35) if we could actually embiggen the wheel though.

  4. What no Woody Woodpecker? I counted 26.

  5. I am crap at this kinds of things but the comments are keeping me entertained along with the counting.

  6. 41, mostly from the Cretaceous Period.