Monday, August 29, 2011

Haiku Monday....

Hello and welcome to Haiku Monday

Leave your entry/s in the comments section below...

I can't say that I'm not a little nervous about hosting this week but I will attempt to do my best.

For those of you in her path... I hope that you have or are surviving Irene's visitation and you all remain safe and dry!
My thoughts have been with you.

This weeks theme is MEMORY

Recollection fades...
If only one could re boot;
a tired old brain

Disconsertion haunts...
Time fogs memories’ recall
Is that how things went?


I'll be judging Tuesday which is my Wednesday (as I live in the future)
And will post the result late Wednesday Evening...

Thank you all for playing....


  1. Princess, those haiku are beautiful!

  2. Very nice. Like the first one the most.

    Das deutsche Oberleutnant's Fraulein

    Her bright blue vow
    quickly faded. Soon, she wrote
    a "Dear Hans" letter.

  3. I don't want to enter the competition but I just want to propose my own first attempt.

    I read all about japanese haiku and its english counterpart on Wikipedia so to get the whole story about it.

    Your comments and advice, dear Princess, are gladly welcomed. Keep in mind that english is not my mother tongue! I'll try to post it on my blog tomorrow with a second one in french!

    "Summer love resigns!
    A slight trace of a man's scent.

    Bis bald!

  4. thanks Fleur

    your "pressed memory" is a charm

    Thanks Troll

    Nice work here...

  5. Jon,
    I am no expert but I would not hesitate in entering this fine first attempt, I'm sure other players can offer better advice than I!

  6. I will give it a try then. I'm entering my little poem. Thanks Princess for your encouragement. I for myself, thought that my haiku was a little too explicit!

    I posted it on my blog along with another one in french.


  7. Wonderful news Jon
    I'll pop on over and check out your post and encourage others to do the same!

  8. California;
    seeing Mama's memory
    in Evening Primrose

    I am up with a visual. Loved your haikus, esp. the "re-booting" of the brain. Happy Haiku Monday!

  9. Troll, Chickie and Jon: All wonderful.

    Fuscia-hued corsage.
    Supple, fragrant bloom pressed flat.
    Taste of love preserved.

  10. Hi everyone! Hope you don't mind to have me play again this week? Thanks Princess -

    Athens heat lightning
    child’s eyes embrace the strange view
    dad home from Viet Nam

  11. What happened might have . . .
    what didn’t may as well have:
    Perception trumps truth.


    Young Eddie Murphy,
    little rascally. Buh-weet
    says, “Amemba me?”

  12. I'm up with:

    Stumble-stepped old dog
    tilts nose to summer breeze. Sniffs:
    tales of glory days.

    Good luck everyone and thanks again for hosting, Princess! Love "re-boot."

  13. Well, mercy. I got so tied up late this evenin' that time got away--an' now it's past the deadline.

    Good luck all!

  14. Good entries and it looks like you've inspired our French-Canadian friend.