Monday, August 1, 2011

Some Thank You's....

Hello Dhaaarlings...

There are a couple of Quick thank you's that I feel I must make on the receipt of some lovely gifts from fellow Bloggers

My first thank you goes out to Mr Lx, Lola and RJ

For the lovely piece of Vending Machine Artwork.

It is delightful and in my colours too! I'm going to find a very special place to display it. 
There were also some lovely post cards included in the package...
 of Austin, Texas!
How did you know that I love collecting postcards MR LX?
I shall add them to my wall collage... I love the colours!

My second thank you goes out to The lovely Miss Mitzi Flange...

for forwarding these talent filled objects...

from the Infomaniac Thrift Shop Auction... Bidding Wars...

thank you Miss Mitzi you have helped me to rekindle some old flames from my youth! Along with the surprise gift of 

"The very Best of BANANARAMA"

A total boon to my CD collection! It has been on repeat play since it's arrival!

I just want to know what the other CD was that you managed to pick up from the 2 for 10 pound table darling? 

My thanks to both of you for brightening this little Princesses day...


  1. You are most welcome! Thank you for the kind words.

    That's some nice stuff from Mitzi!

  2. Nice cards. Both sets.

    Hugs to you Princess.

    Just because.

  3. Hello Princess:
    More goodly things for the Palace. How lovely and how very generous of Mitzi and Mr. Lx!

  4. They say stand-up's very popular these days. Certainly Mr Three of Clubs is doing his bit.

  5. And Princess brightened MY day with the arrival of the hip flask!