Sunday, July 31, 2011

It's Coming!.... And I'm Excited!

Hello Dhaaarrlings...

The Victoria and Albert Museum Exhibition is having it's world premiere here in Bendigo... Hosted by the Bendigo Art Gallery

Three minutes around the corner from "The Palais"

I am beside myself!

[Photography Peter Wearing]

[Photography Peter Wearing]

Images and text scanned from Local newspaper. "The Bendigo Advertiser"

I just cannot wait to get my hands on a ticket.

The Last V&A Museum tour to grace Bendigo was not only a coup for the Gallery but a huge success. People travelled from all over the country
To clap their eyes on the feast that was "The Age of Couture"
And gathering from the press releases... I'm thinking this will be much the same....

I took myself along both alone, and with friends to the last one on four occasions... And each time I noticed something a little different, be it the design lines the stitching or the bead work on the garments...

I'm hoping that this one will thrill just a much...

Oh... and did I mention standing ovations for the sound of music with every show being a sell out?

Much applause and positive feedback on the play clothes when their creator was mentioned during the thank you's....

I'm really proud of my work. 


  1. Hello Princess:
    Although we have not actually seen this exhibition at the V & A, we are certain that, in line with most exhibitions which are held there, it will not only be hugely interesting but, we should imagine, outstanding in the imaginative way in which the clothes are to be presented. We do hope so.

    And many, many congratulations on your achievements for The Sound of Music which were, undoubtedly, a mammoth effort and for which you rightly deserve both praise and thanks.

  2. how delish, sugar! and many, many congratulations for your success with the production! xoxoxox

  3. I'm so thrilled for you!
    You made wonderful clothes for a show, and you are going to a show of wonderful clothes....

  4. Dear Top Hatts

    The last V&A Exhibition at the gallery was also an Australian Exclusive, and Bendigo Gallery was lucky enough to win the bid to host that one too, the only other place it was going to was Tokyo! There were people that flew in from South Africa and New Zealand just to see it! Of course the locals were up in arms about the cost of hosting such an extravagnza until of course they saw all the extra money come flowing into town from the tourist dollars.And the call went out to bid for another one. It was a cleverly displayed exhibition and I'm very keen to see if this one holds up to the previous ones standard...

    Pre Planning meetings for "Alice in Wonderland" start next week and I've been asked to join the production development team.

    Another cause to be excited!!

    Dear Savannah

    Thank you. I was introduced to a gentleman... after the finale... who is an actor and musical performer and has had many roles in amateur and professional productions over the years... having been pointed out in the crowd after he had asked the producer "who had made the children's play clothes?". He gave me some wonderful feedback about my costumes, saying that I had great skill in creating real quality costumes to do exactly what they had to do on stage, adding "it is a very rare skill to possess" I was quite taken aback to receive such high praise from someone in the know.

    Dear Wally

    It is very timely. I'm still floating on the feedback from "The sound of Music" I've been asked to be chief designer for the Mad Hatters Costumes for the show in December. Along with design ideas for the Caterpillar and Cheshire Cat.
    Production meetings start next week!

    Dear Mr Maggs
    Hurray indeed. I'm over the moon.
    It has been a great experience for me to have been involved in the production as I'm not used to receiving such positive feed back.
    I have a long history of underselling my creativity and artistic abilities... But... with this experience I am getting better at acknowledging my skills and abilities and accepting the positive feedback that comes as a result of all the effort....