Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Mucus....

Hello Dhaaarlings...

I'm exhausted from burning my candle at both ends!...

It has been a much bigger task than I had anticipated making seven costumes from scratch given that they had to be drafted individually... 

That is ... the vision of the finished garment had to be pulled from my cluttered brain to start with and put down on paper. 
Measurements of each the cast members taken and then patterns drafted onto butchers paper in the individual sizes.

Thank goodness that the Empress was able to unpick all the stitching on the original curtains so that all the hems and seams in the fabric could be pressed out and all of it used.

Then there was the deciding on colours to be used for each garment and trying to make them look as similar to the costumes used in the original movie as possible... with a few alterations as some of the younger girls wouldn't wear shorts like in the movie, and in order to make Kurt look younger, I had to make braces for his shorts and he will now wear the shirt tucked in.

Then there was the sewing of buttons and bows, head scarves and aprons and ruffles....
I'm feeling a little like a pin cushion from hand stitching the lining into the frocks and buttons and velcro fastenings

I have also managed to score the job of tizzying up the curtains for the back drop on set(See top Picture) The central curtains and 2 side curtains that will cover the brick walls at either side of the sage. I was up to 3 am this morning fannying around with the Phaff again...

But I am pleased to announce that they are finished and ready for the Gala opening night tomorrow evening...

So without further ado I present....

The Von Trapp Children's Play Clothes...








The seven little von Traps will not have to play in their uniforms any longer!

And Now... I'm off to the final rehearsal Dhaaarlings...


  1. You deserve your own curtain call for all of this wonderful work!

  2. Wonderful!
    They will look great on stage...
    Have a drinky Princess, as you must be all Phaffed out by now.

  3. Gorgeous!
    These things often take longer than we anticipate, don't they! I know the feeling.

  4. Hello Princess:
    Gosh, golly gosh. Even Edith Head could not have done more. These are just fabulous and we do so hope that there will be a suitable gift of thanks for all your efforts. You must be quite phaffed out!!

  5. FABU Darling!

    Wow curtain fabrics?

    Imagine what you could do if you had some nice material to work with like a potato sack...

    I want to borrow the little Brigitta number for a cocktail party I'm going to.

    I've learned a new phrase - "tizzying up"

    P.S. Thank you for your most kind words they were most appreciated.

  6. Brigitta: I'm Brigitta, she's Louisa. She's thirteen years old, and you're smart! I'm ten, and I think your dress is the ugliest one I ever saw!

    Maria got her revenge on the little cow by making her the most shapeless dress imaginable topped off with an Elizabethan ruffle.

    Gretyl's number is the best. People on the fetish scene would pay good money for that in PVC

  7. Thank you Mr LAX

    Opening night went off without a hitch. Not so much as a popped button.!

    Dear Wally

    I'm having a quiet tipple as we speak.

    Dear Miss Scarlet

    I must say it all felt a bit rushed!
    But I am glad that I was able to pull it off... At least I have a longer lead in time for Alice in Wonderland in December.... Yes I have been officially invited to join the design and costume team! I'm a little chuffed really.

    Dear "Top Hatts" if I may be so bold as to borrow your nickname from Miss Scarlet,

    Thank you for your kind words regarding Edith Head. She is one of my personal favourite all time classic costume designers. I worship her work....
    There were many a complement made about my work and all were taken graciously. Some times I find that I undersell my own abilities and find it difficult to accept the accolades given... (But after tonight I'm getting much better at it!)

    Dear Mr Pirate
    Show me a spud bag and I'll show you a ball gown!
    Upholstery and drapery fabrics are quite wonderful when making costumes for the stage. Bolder patterns and designs stand out better under the lights.

    I'm not sure that briggita will part with that little number. She was over the moon when she saw it and even more so once she got to wear it! But I am quite sure that you would be the bell of the ball if you did get your hands on it darling...

    My Dear Miss Flange

    Thank you for your recommendation. not only would people on the fetish scene pay good money .... But I would darn well earn it! PVC is a bitch to sew... One wrong stitch line and the whole thing is buggered!
    Be a luv... and put my name around for me would you?

  8. Well done my darling.

    The costumes look amazing. You did so well.

    I hope the tipple you were tipping back was bubbly! You deserve only the best!


  9. A round of applause for Princess!

    I am suppressing an urge to yodel.

  10. Dear Roses

    It most certainly was bubblie!
    And there's is a magnum on ice for the night of the finale...

    Thank you MJ for getting the applause going....

    *gracefully curtsying before the cheering throng*

  11. Welldone!
    You need an elna 7300!

  12. Thank you Mr Mags

    I'd like to put that Elna on my wish list... It would be a vast improvement on my dear old industrial Pfaff...but at the price I got it for I couldn't resist...

  13. Good morning Princess,

    Nice job, they look great.

  14. Thanks Karl

    It is nice of you to visit....