Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Dental Appointment?....

My dental adventure...
Went smoothly and relatively painlessly in comparison to the agony of the past few weeks


And as much as I have a deep seated fear of  going to the dentist as a result of too many traumatic child hood experiences in the chair
There comes a time when one must painfully grit ones teeth (Or what is left of them) and get them seen to. One can only endure so much pain!

There was immediate relief from the pain as soon as the anaesthetic was injected... to the point where I fell asleep in the chair while awaiting it's full effect. (Much to my Dentists amusement on his return)
Well... I hadn't had much sleep over the past week!

And this could have been my dream...

If only...

The plan is for impressions next week with a view to a new dental plate.
So until then... it is a regime of pain killers (Which are working).. Warm saline mouth rinses... soft foods and rest.


  1. Hello Princess:
    How marvellous that freedom from pain has come at last. the rest will be a mere bagatelle as they say!

    Speaking from experience, it is amazing what you can pulverise to make sucking food through a straw almost a delicious experience. Get well soon!

  2. Welcome to the mush diet! The upside of which is weight loss.

  3. I'm so glad to hear you're out of pain. Probably not as much as you are to be out of pain.

    Enjoy your mush diet, good to hear it will all settle down and soon you'll be able to chow down with wild abandon!

  4. I bet it was a blessed relief. Did he show it to you after he pulled it out?

  5. Did he thrill you when he drilled you?

  6. What about the costumes, Dear? Don't you have premier night tonight?

  7. Dear Mr Mags
    Someone gave me the wrong dates. I now have till the 28th July for opening night. But progress is going well. The sewing is the easy bit it is the designing and making of the patterns that takes the time... At the moment I'm on schedule...

    I'll talk to you all a little later as I'm in the middle of a pile of pencils tissue paper and scissors and measuring tape at present...

  8. If you have any leftover pain pills...

  9. Exquisite relief from torture....
    I'm glad you had it taken care of.