Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's Getting Curiouser and Curiouser.....

Hello Dhaaarlings...

By now you have probably gathered that Princess has been in his element under a pile of calico and curtaining, snipping and sewing up a storm.

And I trust that you have met Leisl, Friedrich, and "now with new pants" Kurt from a previous post on all the excitement at The Palais...

See Mr Mags... Kurt has new pants!

Well... There are two more of the Von Trappettes to meet...


There are two kids on alternate nights playing the part of Gretyl...
(and as it happens... one is a little larger than the other)

So... the skirt and top are separate pieces, the skirt has an elasticised waist, the shirt will have a button tab at the back waist line and the separate apron which will tie at the back acting as a cinch.   

And now meet her bigger sister.... Marta...

Marta is wearing a fetching sleeveless smock with bows at the shoulders and a waisted tie belt.
 I just hope the poor little darling doesn't freeze to her death when she ends up in the lake after the row boat tips and throws the little buggers out...

Louisa and Brigitta are being a little more difficult in deciding on what to wear
(girls will be girls dhaaarlings) and, given that I ran out of the green curtaining yesterday will have to wait a little longer.

 Fortunately the Costumier was able to procure another drop of green fabric (yes tabs and all) for me following a phone call to her this morning... 

"I managed to get the last one they had left in stock at the discount store... wasn't that a stroke of good luck!" she chimed on arrival...

"Well we would have been up the proverbial creek if they hadn't" effused I

So... early tomorrow morning it is out with the shears again and on with styling the last two frocks. 

The little Von Trappettes are all lining up quite nicely don't you think?

The final fittings for adjustment and alterations for all the costumes is Friday afternoon this week!

So as you can imagine I'll be happily head down and arse up, busily beavering away at the Phaff.

Oh and while here this afternoon the Costumier just happened to let it slip,
 (as she was gushing all over my work and madly snapping photos to show to the producer.) 
That... costume planning for the groups next production  "Alice in Wonderland" scheduled for December starts the first week in August!

Some one pass me the hooker... please.... Dhaaarlings?... Hello?....


  1. I want to be Alice!! When are the auditions???

    Fab work, Princess.

  2. Beautiful stitching Princess!

    I would like to be the Dormouse!

  3. Hello Princess:
    Well, surely there can be no contest as to who should be the Mad Hatter.....[with a ready made understudy!!]

    Lovely sewing. We are in awe!!

  4. My dear Miss Scarlet

    If it were up to me darling you would be a shoe-in for the role of Alice.
    Sadly I must report that the role of Alice will be played by the current Leisl and Daughter of the Costumier.

    Perhaps another role might take your fancy. What are your oral skills like when it comes to puffing on a hooker?

    I can see you transformed into a beautiful butterfly emerging from a clouds of billowing psychodelic smoke.

    Why...Mr LX

    The dormouse? Surely not?... I would have had you penned in as the Cheshire Cat with an avitar like that!

  5. Would that make me the Cheshire cat?
    Or just a drug adled tom?!

  6. Dear Jane and Lance

    Again how could one not pen the pair of you in for the role. We could do a modern adaptation and have both of you play a dual role of the "Mercurically affected Milliners"

    A very merry un-birthday to you...and you!

  7. I am trying to avoid typecasting. A real career killer!

  8. Miss Scarlet
    From memory you would be a caterpillar atop a magical mushroom smoking a hooker and getting Alice to practice her vowel sounds
    ......aaaaaa....eeeeee..iiiiii... ooooooooo......uuuuuuuuuuuu.....

    I don't recall his name being Tom...

  9. Mr Lx/XL

    What about the role of the King of Hearts. Now... Would that be type casting? The role may well re-launch your career to new and lofty heights....