Saturday, July 2, 2011

High on a Hill is a lonely Goat Turd....

Layeeho-a-layeeho A-lay-heehooo....

Princess was so Excited...So much so that I was almost beside myself in anaticipation...

Word got out tht Princess is as you know quite adept with a bit of old fabric and her trusty Pfaff... Turning rags into wearable ritches...

So imagine my delight when I was recently approached to help in making some costumes for one of the local  musical theatre groups

So... I extended my Voluntary hand graciously and discovered they are putting on a production of one of my all time favourite musicals
 "The Sound of Music" 
Fifty two in the cast each with 2-3 costume changes for each player. 

I thought to myself "Would I be making the gowns for the Grand ball scene?
Measuring up Gaylords inside leg? Fashioning a brace of habits for the Nuns choir? Or perhaps I'd be so lucky as to create Fraulein Maria's Wedding Gown ? Heck... I'd even settle for Leisle's fabulous floaty little number for her tryst in the Gazebo with the telegram boy Ralph"

But alas....

I met yesterday evening with the costumier who was busy measuring up sailor suits for length...

 "Oh...  terrific Princess... thanks for offering your services" Pause.... 

How are you with childrens paterns and sizes?

My Princess senses by this stage were tingling and on high alarm

"Erm...pretty good... they're just adult clothes in miniature after all arn't they?"

And in the next sentence I saw my lofty visions of ballgown extacy...and inside legs turning to calico and florally home furnishing fabrics...

 "Great! We need someone to make the Children's Play Clothes!"

"Oh... how... delightfully charming"... I responded in my best Baroness Schraeder voice... trying desperately not to show my dismay...

So Princess gets to transform the curtains into Play Clothes...

But Oh my Lordy...
 Let me tell you. They will be the most fabulous Play Clothes this generation of the "Von Trapp Children" will have ever layed their little eyes on!

The bedazzler will be working over time on this little lot!
You mark my words!

There will be tears.... I can tell.


  1. Have fun with it! Wear your lederhosen to all the meetings!

  2. Dear XL
    I'm running up a nice little Habit with a "Sister Bertrille" Wimple.

  3. They look gorgeous. As well they would, no surprise. You talented princess you.

    Shame about the lack of ball gowns.

    Hugs to you. xxx

  4. My dear,
    What fun?

    When you are done with those children's play clothes, and the work is known, the twats will be screaming at the producers....
    "I want Steff to do my costumes, get me Steff!...."

    Do that you do, so well, and let all those lousy children run all willy-nilly...

    They will return, and as you bite the thread in two as you are queried, you need not fein innocence, for you will be....
    Like the driven snow....

    (Life, for me, is about the work.)

    Oh, and I still need that lace...
    I will email you, things are just tough, for now.

  5. Dear Roses,

    Thank you for your comments. Although the actual costumes are yet to "Materialise"... get it?
    These are just some shots of "Ideas for" that I gleaned from the interwebs... I'm a little miffed at not being offered the ball gowns (You may have gathered) but then I am a little rusty so this might just be the thing to get me motivated again...

    Dear Wally

    The cast members not wearing Palais De Steff designs, I'm sure will be pea green with envy.

    And please.. do forward your address so you might repair your knickers. Although things might be a little tight at present (believe me I know) it seems that your knickers are not... and we cannot have you running about losing your drawers. I have included some knicker elastic along with the lace, in pursuit of this measure...

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  7. Is Blogger having a bad day again?
    It just posted my comment Twice!

  8. Oh....can't wait to see them!
    Better than that Maria something or another could do, I'm sure.

  9. Thank you Jason

    I'm quite looking forward to the challenge really. I think it will be good for me...

  10. Fab!

    Could you create a larger version for Herr Mago?

  11. Dear MJ

    I was considering consulting with Herr Mago regarding the finer properties of lederhosen...

    Inner thigh requirements, ideal fabric texture, slapability, crotch length, number of pockets one should include, braced bib or buttons, cuffed/non cuffed hems, optional rear entry. I'm hoping that he might point me in the right direction....

  12. I have a pointer, yes. It's built in.
    Lederhosen are an alt-bayerische piece of clothing. One needs a charivari with it. This dangles in front of the Latz.