Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A little bit of light relief....

It's D-Day Dhaaarlings...

That's "Dentist Day"

I'm so looking forward to today's events...

I hope they still use chloroform...


I do hope it's not tooth worms...

But... I do hope that the tooth fairy pays me a visit

Well not this one exactly...

I would prefer a model along these lines...

Is that to much to ask Dhaaarlings?...


  1. Hello:
    Good luck, and 'molars' away, as they say.

    Whatever, may all of your wishes, as far as tooth fairies, or fairies in general, come true.

  2. Those carved teeth are very cool.

  3. *sigh* i need to make an appointment soon too, sugar! xoxoxox

  4. If they still use chloroform both those fairies will probably visit you....

    Don't forget to ask for vicodin!!!

  5. The carved tooth reminds me of our very own Queen mother, when she was choking on that fishbone, whoever looked in her mouth must have thought they were seeing Whitby Abbey grave yard in miniature.

  6. Morning gorgeous. Hopefully, as you live in the future, you are completely stoned and pain free by now.

    Hugs to you my darling.

  7. As you're busy, I will collect the lovely piece of art that you've just won at Mr XL's. It's okay, there's no need to thank me, it's what any good friend would do.

  8. Lady Gaga has it with teeth too ...