Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Pain In The.............. Mouth!


It hurts!!!

I only have to get through till Wednesday


  1. Ouch...
    Tooth pain is the worst, pour some whiskey on it.

    So sorry for you.

  2. Scotch! Lots!... No Ice! (Why spoil good alcohol?)

    They have been quite manageable up to today but are suddenly Heat/ Cold sensitive as well as the regular dull ache. The pills are no longer working....

  3. Go to the emergency room and get some better drugs! Please don't suffer.

  4. XL
    If it doesn't settle soon that will be my next step. After a couple of shots of scotch I'm feeling very little pain now!

  5. Swill regularly with warm, salted water. Works a treat.

    Hugs for you my darling.

    And get stronger med. Wednesday seems a long way away to be in that kind of pain.

  6. All the best methods are here, sweetie. Remember to keep your strength up by eating some nourishing soup.

  7. Hello Princess:
    The only positive thing we can add is that at least Wednesday comes quicker for you than for us. Are you at Sunday already?

  8. Oh you poor soul!
    Laudanum. No driving.

  9. Ah you poor lamb. Don't you have any cocaine you can rub into your gums?

  10. Nearly there honey. Only Tuesday to get through. Hang in there.

    Did you get the stronger meds?

    I'm going to assume if you don't reply, you're so stones, you can't type! Or at least that's my feverent wish.

  11. Dear All.
    The paaain persists. I've seen another doctor and started more antibiotics. Swelling so bad I couldn't wear my normal partial plate. Should have settled down enough by Wednesday. I think the local chemist had me listed on their "abuser list" for products containing codeine. One can only purchase so many over the counter before requiring a prescription.
    I almost had to perform "certain favours" to obtain another packet of pills. But on realising that the pain was too much for me to bare,he relented and gave me a packet with a stern warning!
    Sadly my cocaine dealer is out of town but the salt water rinses and nourishing soups have helped a treat!
    A shot or two of neat scotch is working well when swished around the mouth and swallowed before bed time though I must say....

    Only two more sleeps and the worst will be over....

    I'll try to post something a little more pleasant in the meantime...