Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It's Curtains Maria!...

Hello Dhaaarlings...

Good News!
Brother returned home from hospital today following more tests. He is not allowed to lift anything for 2 more weeks... They are not sure what caused his pain but the specialist doesn't think it was another heart attack and the shunt was fine when they checked it.

Bad News but will be good...

In other news I got a second opinion on my troublesome teeth. I require 4 extractions! 3 upper and 1lower resulting in extensions to an existing upper partial plate. Plus a multitude of other fillings and rebuilds.
I shudder at the cost but I cannot go on with teeth rotting out of my head.

On a lighter note...

The costumier delivered the fabric today...

Real Tab-Top Curtains Dhaaarlings!

And a hunk of calico...

Along with some pictures from the movie of the children in their costumes"To guide you" (assuming that I'm a straight bloke and have probably never seen sound of music and have no idea of what they are talking about) and a list of special instructions for the must have inclusions... Like...

Louisa... MUST HAVE HEAD SCARF - The captain pulls it off her head

I giggle with delight...
What's that I hear you saying about art imitating life? 

some people can be so concrete...


  1. Pleased that your brother is okay.
    Crikey, your teeth sound worse than mine. I will hold your hand, we can be brave together.

  2. Please to hear the good news regarding your brother.

    Now, take care of those teeth, young man!

  3. Good to hear that your brother is well.

    What do you do with your teeth down under? I blame the climate change. For how many kids' costumes does this curtain deliver?

  4. First Miss Scarlet, now Princess.

    Is it something in the water?

  5. Thank you Miss Scarlet
    That is s lovely offer

    Mr XL
    The teeth are working towards renewal/replacement. It is a very painful and costly exercise. I have had problems with my teeth since I was a wee tacker. I would not like to add up the amount spent on them over the years.To seemingly no avail!

    Mr Mags
    I blame Flouridation of the water!
    And being fed flouride tablets as a kid! My father had full upper and lower dentures at the age of 17. I guess I have inherited his "Lack of Tooth" genes :-(

    I have 8 costumes in total to make so will have to be very creative with the amount of fabric supplied... I plan to post during the exercise!

    Dear MJ


    I had wonderful teeth until flouridation of the water supply!

  6. I'm glad your brother is doing okay. Though still worrying about the pain. Fingers crossed he heals well.

    Oh bless, your teeth situation sounds appalling. Poor you.

    Gentle hugs. I'll go put some soup on for you and Scarls.

    I did have a laugh at the instructions for you though.

    All sing: So long, farewell...

  7. 8 !
    I am eagerly awaiting your pictures, I think that is hardly possible.

  8. That's a relief about your brother.

    My sympathies lie with Baroness Schr├Ąder she should have fought her corner more with that Maria.

  9. Hello Princess:
    Your reputation and, indeed, your frock competition, have enticed us to you via the delicious Mitzi.

    We are so pleased that the news of your brother is good but are alarmed at the state of play [literally] of your teeth. As we have previously advised Miss Scarlet, our neighbour in Budapest is a wonderful dentist and has performed all manner of dental miracles on our own teeth from the comfort of his private surgery which is a mere step from both our and his drawing rooms. He has little English but is gentle and kind and our bridge work, implants and other dental cosmetics have cost only a fraction of what one can expect in the UK, or one imagines, in the Antipodes.

    So, should you ever find yourself in Budapest, just let us know and, of course, a pink cocktail shaker would be the only introduction necessary!