Monday, July 11, 2011

Something to ease the pain?....


  1. The tooth fairy plays with power tools?

  2. Hello:
    This does not look like something one should try at home. Leave it to the professionals!

  3. You won't have long to wait now before he whips it out and remember to open wide so he can fit his tool in.

  4. I'm not looking... I know the painful truth behind this post.

  5. Dear Mr Mago

    At the moment it is a fantasy of mine that a burly fairy with a handy power tool will call and work his magic on my teeth whilst I'm asleep.
    I wake up to a gleaming mouthful of pearly white choppers... But alas...I'm only dreaming....

    Dear Jane and Lance Hattatt

    How rude of me not to welcome you to my humble abode... Pain, I am afraid can contribute to lapses in ones good manners and lead to ignoring new guests on their arrival. Please accept my belated apology. Feel very free to wander about and make yourselves at home. I shall have a houseboy fetch you a welcoming cocktail... They are here to meet your every need. In fact, I'm considering having one of them trained as my personal dentist. That way there will be no waiting if the need arises in future...
    Again, welcome to you both.

    Dear Mitzi

    Thank you for your kind advice.
    Fortunately there is only one more sleep to go now. And I'm hoping that the burly tooth fairy will call tonight...

    Dear Miss Scarlet

    In some situations it is most prudent to avert ones eyes, particularly when confronting a basilisk.

  6. the basil person really does have tooth problems!