Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I'm saying a little prayer Dhaaarlings...

I wanna play Goldie Locks....


  1. Hello Princess:
    Whatever you do boys......do not give up the day job!!

    You do all have a day job.....?!!

  2. Well, we all need our little 15 minutes of fame, dont we?...

    ...or is it 15 seconds? I forgot!

    Anyways, me like the guy with the black shirt... I'd play cowboy and indian with him! :)~~
    Have a nice day, my dear

  3. Of course, naturally, whatever - I am not allowed to look at this because of someone's rights violated - ah crap.

    Anyway - isn't there adeadline looming, dear Princess - 28th or something? Hope all them Trappettes find their rug!

  4. I love when Bears queen out.

    Also Wives and Lovers works very well...

    "Hey little girl fix your hair and your make up soon he will open the door...Don't send him off with your hair still in curlers...You may not see him again...