Friday, May 20, 2011

A birthday in the bush....

Hello Dhaaarlings...

Princess and the Empress took a trip to the bush recently 

To wish a dear family friend a happy birthday...

The Empress made a special cake

for a Special Birthday...

It even lit up!

Our friend was so pleased that we got a tour of the garden to celebrate

Succulents abound as they are very hardy in the harsh summer conditions

As do Gum Trees...

One of which was covered in masses of lovely pale pink blooms

 This year they even managed to grow and harvest some Pumpkins

And Rainbow Chard/ Silverbeet...

It is such a contrast after years of ravaging drought

We came home with bags of Quinces and Grapefruit the size of baseballs!

So I'm off to find some recipes Dhaaarlings and to fire up the preserving pan...


  1. Those succulents in the foreground sort of look like the ground cover plants I had on Maui called Ice Plants. The bees loved the little red flowers.

  2. 70?

    Oh, this must be for Beast.

    Oh Hai, XL!